You what?

Mr Farage was revelling in his success in the Rochester and Strood by-election, and waved a £50 note to buy a plate of sandwiches for journalists and activists in a pub in rural Kent.

Blimey, is Nigel feeling well?

(Bit of an inside joke this)

6 thoughts on “You what?”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Tim Worstall – “Political royalty….doesn’t really carry cash…..”

    I am liking this guy. After all, he is bound to be fiscally conservative. Someone that cheap with his own money is sure to be careful with mine.

  2. Flatcap Army, you beat me to it. So I’ll introduce you to some Australian vernacular instead “Wouldn’t shout if a shark bit him” 🙂

  3. SMFS,

    I don’t think that follows, it may in this case but I think many tight people are only too happy to go wild with other people’s money. Being tight and being prudent are very different things. The former implies that you are comfortable for others to pay more than their fair share while you pay less, which indicates a sense of entitlement.

  4. DocBud is right in general (whether or not it applies to Nigel Farage in particular). One could instance a certain accountant, very keen on spending other people’s money on hiring accountants to do country-by-country reporting on an IFRS basis when the companies all have to supply accounts to the national taxation services on the basis decreed in each country, whose trumpeted religious principles suddenly stop short of tithing when it would apply to him.

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