A political platform this blog thoroughly endorses


Justice For Gingers!

13 thoughts on “A political platform this blog thoroughly endorses”

  1. Look, I’m not gingerphobic, and some of by best friends are gingers but… do we really want our daughters coming home with gingers?

    Gingerism is an unhealthy lifestyle that has been linked to vitamin D deficiency and Scottishness.

  2. This is obviously a piss take and is deeply offensive. I trust the ensuing twitterstorm will convince him of the error of hiw ways and his career will end immediately.

    I can’t believe he could be so insensitive.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I think tolerance is one thing but encouragement is another. He looks to be a daywalker, which is the most dangerous type of ginger.

  4. It is well known that ginger people attract leopards and cannot properly sort their rubbish into the correct recycling bins. For these reasons alone it is correct to discriminate against them. Would YOU want one living next to you?

  5. Not all American and dry.

    I knew a Campbell once,
    of fiery meld and red hid’d – aye,

    but the pale blue eyes of distant highland haze,

    and always a question – and a retort in that quizzical look,

    the red blood of dear ole Scotland,

    och and what great courage,

    unbending loyalty and eternal,

    passionate ardour all,

    it nigh broke my heart,

    I will never forget that, Campbell.

  6. It is left handed gingers that need special care ( and compensation) – for years we have been vilified as ‘sinister’. And the door handles are all wrong too.

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