Amanda Marcotte doth protest too much methinks

Since then she has had an amazing career of book deals and TV appearances despite lacking wit, common sense, or any understanding of the idea of evidence.

Or, as we might rephrase that, neither of us have those three so how come that bitch gets all the glory?

4 thoughts on “Amanda Marcotte doth protest too much methinks”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Mandy has been able to parley an utterly lack of humour, intelligence, common sense or basic human decency into a not half bad career. So it is probably best not to mock her.

    Patton told CNN host Carol Costello. “It no longer is when a woman is violated at the point of a gun or a knife. We’re now talking about or identifying as rape what really is clumsy hook-up melodrama or a fumbled attempt at a kiss or a caress.”

    Sorry but how is this, you know, not true? We have men accused of sexual assault because they ask a girl in an elevator if they would like to come back to their place for a coffee.

    Patton has had a career because she has said something basically sensible, which we all know is true, but which requires a great deal of courage to say so in public. Good for her.

    Women who “cry rape” after having consensual sex with a man is the favorite version of this misogynist fairy tale about false rape accusations, but it is worth noting that even when rape truthers are lucky enough to get a story that seems like it could be false—such as Jackie’s or the Duke lacrosse accuser before her—it does not fit this mold.

    But there was a recent university case in which the Equal Opportunity officer did in fact tell all the female students that regret meant rape.

    And we have seen that mentally ill girl in the UK who killed herself.

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    John Doe claims that twice, he had consensual sex with a student identified in the lawsuit as Jane Doe. The first encounter occurred in his room at the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house where they went after an off-campus party on Feb. 8. Both had been drinking, he said.

    He claims they sat on chairs in his room and talked for about an hour. He said Jane Doe then said that while she doesn’t usually have sex with a man when she first meets him, she found him very interesting. He said she moved toward him, initiated kissing, took off her clothes except for her underwear and got into bed with him. He said at no point did she say she did not want to have sex.

    He claims she spent the night, that he contacted her later through Facebook and that they had sex again in early March. He said she told her friends she had a good time. But at a Pi Kappa Phi St. Patrick’s Day party a few weeks later, Jane Doe left when she saw him kissing another woman, who is now his girlfriend.

    It wasn’t until July that Jane Doe told a friend that she was sexually assaulted, the lawsuit claims. Then in October, Jane Doe, as a member of a student organization against sexual assault called SPEAK, attended a presentation by W&L Title IX officer Lauren Kozak. According to the lawsuit, Kozak shared an article, “Is it possible that there is something in between consensual sex and rape … and that it happens to almost every girl out there?”

    The article talks about alcohol-fueled sex in which the woman later regrets the encounter.

    “Ms. Kozak introduced and discussed the article with the members of SPEAK to make her point that ‘regret equals rape,’ and went on to state her belief that this point was a new idea everyone is starting to agree with,” the lawsuit contends.

    Five days after the presentation, Jane Doe reported to Kozak she was sexually assaulted but indicated she did not want to pursue a complaint, the lawsuit said.
    John Doe said that, since Jane Doe initiated sex, she, not he, would need to obtain consent. Therefore, “W&L engaged in blatant gender bias” by relying on gender stereotypes as to whom should be responsible for sexual assault.

  3. So Much for Subtlety

    Lowry pounced on the UVA story to push the idea that feminists make up rape to push some kind of “agenda,” for purposes of which he was deliberately vague.

    Except we know that feminists were using this to push an agenda. They were demanding changes in the law and in policies in colleges across America. They wanted men thrown out of school and even jailed on the mere say-so – an unquestionable say-so too – of any one woman.

  4. “Rape truthers” lol.

    “Journalistic missteps”. Lol again.

    “Regret means rape”. Hmm. Especially when that regret begins just after seeing your sexual partner kissing another woman. How about “Jealousy means rape”? “Insane rage means rape”? “Revenge means rape”?

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