Blimey, everyone’s at it now

Vets believe two-week old jet black seal pup called ‘Badger’ was bullied, beaten up and abandoned by other seals in racist attack

Do we have any diversity advisers that speak seal?

8 thoughts on “Blimey, everyone’s at it now”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Come on, the Daily Mail is being absurd. Even if you do not believe race is a social construct, and I don’t, it is a complex issue. The idea that seals have figured this out on their own is ridiculous. At worst, they are picking on someone because he is a little different. Not because he’s Black.

    The Daily Mail has clearly left the office to the working experience interns.

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    JuliaM – “because Guy Gibson got into sooooooo much trouble….”

    In fairness Gibson didn’t get in trouble at the time. Because, you know, back then people had a little bit of perspective and understood that heroes involved in the defeat of Hitler were entitled to some leeway. You know, bigger issues than whether his dog’s name offended Polly.

    Not so much any more of course.

  3. I saw that film again recently (last year or so) on TV, and I was shocked (shocked, I tell you) when I noticed it had been overdubbed in places.

    “Nipper”. FFS.

  4. It is often found in nature the “Court of Sparrows” etc –that a group of animals will turn on and attack kill one of their own for no apparent reason.

    In the human world this is known as socialism.

  5. Well, you see, it’s because there aren’t enough black seal role models on the telly and at sealife centres.

    There was that “Kiss Like a Rose on the Grave” guy, and that’s it. All the fashion magazines are run by racists who keep going on about how beautiful *white* baby seals are. Labour will bring in seal diversity quotas if they win the next election.

    The pup was named ‘Badger’ because he is coloured similarly to a U.S. comic book super hero named The Badger.

    This is The Badger:

  6. bloke (not) in spain

    How strange. A comic book hero who’s apparently wearing a nappy with matching leggings. A partially filled one, by the look of it.
    Must be a super-hero figure for the younger reader.

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