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Can you be formerly one eyed?

It emerged last week that mafia gangsters, corrupt politicians and a former one-eyed terrorist had made millions of euros

I’ve heard
of cataract transplants but not eyeball ones. And I can imagine a one-eyed former terrorist, even a formerly one-eyed and now no-eyed terrorist but this does surprise me.

11 thoughts on “Can you be formerly one eyed?”

  1. Well, I have a glass eye. And one uninjured eye. Before I had the glass eye, people saw a milky blob there and knew I was one-eyed.
    Now, they think I have two eyes.
    Am I formerly one-eyed then?

  2. One eyed former terrorist? Technically, the language would be correct but imprecise (although I think there should be a hyphen in there.)

  3. “A bit like the american paratroopers who turned back in mid-air.”

    “Hey Bud, what was the name of that goddam Indian, again?”

  4. I think technically “one-eyed terrorist” acts as a compound, so if you then became a “one-eyed electrician” or “one-eyed hairdresser” you would indeed be a former one-eyed terrorist.

  5. Saw similar in Yank rag article about Ferguson riots. A “die-in” protest was planned and the organizers only wanted ‘people of color’ so asked ‘non-people of color’ to stay away.

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