Classic piece of political extortion here

You must agree with our policies even if we lose the election!

David Cameron and Nigel Farage are to be issued with a joint challenge to declare that they will rule out any attempt to repeal the ban on foxhunting if they form a pact in the event of a hung parliament.

As thousands of people take part in the last Boxing Day hunts before the general election, Labour has written to the prime minister and the Ukip leader to ask them to issue a pledge that they will not repeal the Hunting Act.

But, you know, one of the points of having an election is to see whether the populace think that policies should change.

10 thoughts on “Classic piece of political extortion here”

  1. The Tories will never repeal the hunting ban on the grounds that it has not made a blind bit of difference to the sport of fox hunting, which still merrily goes on as before. The assorted lefties and class warriors who campaigned for it to be banned are coming to realise that badgering MPs to introduce u workable, illiberal, and inane laws is a lot easier than getting plod to enforce them. Especially if the latter involves plod having to chase 40 people on horseback at 7am on Boxing Day.

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    But, you know, one of the points of having an election is to see whether the populace think that policies should change.

    Well Edmund Burke would have said something about a politician who finds out what his electorate wants and does that. I would hope some politicians would support the right thing, that is, no fox hunting ban, even if their voters demanded it.

  3. Wow, this is Labour really scraping the barrel and appealing to their class-warrior base.

    So I guess the 35% strategy must be going swimmingly then…….

  4. Farage’s promise-keeping powers have not yet been formally tested in office. But both ZaNu and BluLab are beyond parody as liars and oath-breakers. If Camorgueron was stupid to go along with such a promise–no one on either side would believe he would keep it anyway.

    What a puny plan ZaNu.

  5. As I say, I’m all in favour of a ban on fox hunting, but how do you propose to get the foxes to comply?

    I reckon they ought to extend the law to ‘hunting with cats’. If your pet cat scroffs any of the local wildlife, then you ought to get prosecuted for animal cruelty. (Which of course it is.) Owning a cat carries responsibilities. And given the number of birds killed by cats, should raise plenty of money for the government in fines, too. That ought to sort the problem out.

  6. Owning a cat? Since when has a human ever actually owned a cat?

    That’s closer to getting punished because of your flatmate’s crimes.

    If your flatmate treats you like a slave.

  7. Conservative Central Office should write to the Labour Partyasking them for a pledge that no member of Brown’s disastrous team will ever have any office with any responsibility for the economy.

  8. Cats are classified in law as wild animals, I believe, while dogs are domestic. Very wise if true.

    Anyway, the Tories should respond by getting Labour to pledge not to raise any taxes, for example. We all know both sides are liars so it would be meaningless but good knockabout fun nontheless.

  9. They’ll never end hunting in the shires unless by concreting over the land and putting up Barratt houses.

    Our hunt (The Cotswold) goes unimpeded by sabs or cops and is widely followed by locals.

    The police have better things to do than replacing tyres or windscreens on patrol cars left in unsafe lanes.

    Just another leftie dog whistle – ironic that they accuse us of this.

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