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The story seems to be unraveling slightly, eh?

A star Ukip candidate who claims she was sexually harassed by the party’s General Secretary sent him a series of texts telling him that the loves and misses him.

Natasha Bolter, 35, has reportedly accused Roger Bird of making an indecent proposal on the day that he assessed her as a potential candidate. She denies any relationship or sexual contact took place.

However Mr Bird, who has been suspended from the party pending an investigation, claims that they had a “consensual” relationship and has released a series of texts as evidence.

And before anyone asks, no, I know nothing, never met any of them.

19 thoughts on “Hmmm”

  1. Whatever , Bird still appears to have committed, prima facie, gross professional misconduct in office. As the former CEO of Boeing found out, you can no longer get away with shagging the help ,however consensual.

  2. Natasha says no nookie Roger says yes there was. Up til that point the two partial accounts could have been reconciled perhaps with arguments over what was meant andvwhat was understood. Now looks like it comes down to who is telling porkies.

  3. KRL disagree that it is out per se. If its hinted to Natasha she gets on the list because of services rendered then Roger is gone. If she made PPC on her merits and then a relationship sprouted then he is not prima facie guilty. Whats interesting is if a bargain was made or thought to have been made but one of the parties didnt keep or came to realise the other couldnt keep their end up.

  4. What Ukip needs is a candidate in Basildon who exudes propriety and rectitude… and their choice to replace Natasha Bolter is that paragon of virtue, Neil Hamilton.

    Sir Gordon Downey, then parliamentary commissioner for standards, concluded in 1997 that there was compelling evidence that Hamilton had accepted between £18,000 and £25,000 in cash from Mohamed Al Fayed, then boss of Harrods. Hamilton also failed to register a stay at the Paris Ritz, failed to declare interests when dealing with ministers and officials, and failed to register a £4,000 consultancy fee from National Nuclear Corporation and a £6,000 introduction fee from Ian Greer Associates.

    All of which rather undermines UKIP’s claim to be different to the three main parties.

    Vote UKIP, get Milimarx,

  5. Once again, why oh why do people (mostly, but not entirely confined to women) lie about things that can so easily disproved with evidence that they know damn well is out there?

    Are they stupid?

  6. Julia,

    One of them must be stupid. Either Bolter made the allegations after sending the messages, or Bird has faked the messages, which would be easy to prove.


    Absolutely. I voted UKIP in the EU elections. I was going to in the next general election, but their choosing Hamilton as a candidate is a serious disincentive. They may well have lost my vote there.


    Boeing is an American firm. They have insane overbearing laws on workplace sexual relationships (introduced by Clinton, ironically). We don’t.

    How many MPs in the House right now are married to each other? Anyone think that’s gross professional misconduct? What utter bollocks.

  7. And how is Neil Hamilton different to all the other MPs? Might as well not vote for any party because the MPs in all parties are dodgy.

  8. Theo,Theo–if you can live with the stench of BluLabour betrayal in your nostrils you can hardly claim that your stomach is too sensitive for what is happening here–esp as what is happening is not yet known. It could be the UKIP bloke or it could be the woman. A sabotage operation from either ZaNu or your BluLab mates could be on the cards. After all she can either leave politics, go back to ZaNu or move to BluLab. And give the nature of all UK politics the dirty trick could have come from anywhere.

    You are still going to loose your investments Theo–whichever way it goes.

  9. > Might as well not vote for any party because the MPs in all parties are dodgy.

    It’s about proportions, and it’s about where the power is. In an established party with hundreds of MPs, which has been attracting the power-hungry and venal for decades because it is part of the establishment, I’m willing to accept a few crappy ones. That’s unavoidable. In a party with 2 MPs and sod-all power base, where no politician in their right mind would go just out of lust for power and which therefore should be attracting members on principle, I’d hope they could find a candidate who hadn’t already been shown to be corrupt.

    Also, it’s not just that. He’s also a fucking twonk.

  10. She’s now in the ‘Guardian’ claiming she only did it to show how women are pressured into sleeping with ‘powerful men’, and I’m just so disgusted with the representatives that are chosen on the distaff side that I’m considering doing a reverse Bradley Manning..

  11. The media are not subtle.

    The focus is first on the alleged doings of the UKIP big-wig.

    Then they report that the supposed victim has been economical with the truth–in so far as her education goes. But they still put her down as a UKIP candidate.

    Get the message yet?.

    Why not put in some Xmas music while they are on the job–

    “UKIP smells, UKIP smells,
    Farage has run away,
    The Anti-Eulopeelians
    Has got no wheelians,
    And they’re all riding on a sleigh”

  12. If a criminal claimed to be a graduate of Sussex or the University of East Anglia or some other fashionable uni, would they broadcast that without checking?
    The media (especially the vastly-overpaid, privately-educated left-wing media who look down on scholars) love to smear Oxbridge because they have an inferiority complex. [Yes, I know that a few of them got into Oxbridge to study an Arts degree, and some Arts graduates (such as my wife) are quite bright, butt hose don’t go into journalism].

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