How glorious from the Daily Mail’s Food Bird, @NuchaBlue

A new cooking technique!

Ejected from a glass tube with great force, four shrimps fly through the air at breakneck speed, heading towards a drenching of flour, eggs and breadcrumbs before whizzing towards a flamethrower, where they are flash-grilled to perfection.

The crazy cooking technique was developed by the Japanese, and according to the directions in the video, a plate of lightly battered shrimp is ready to eat in just three seconds.

The Japanese-narrated video showcases a host of gadgets including air cannons, CO2 tanks and flame throwers.

Umm, no, not really. This is an advertisement, not a cookery show nor a cooking technique. It is an advertisement for LTE, a form of fast mobile broadband. It is an advertisement making fun of the idea that look! see! how quickly things can be done with our fast mobile broadband!

8 thoughts on “How glorious from the Daily Mail’s Food Bird, @NuchaBlue”

  1. Flash-grilled? That quick burst in the flamethrower will burn the outside to a crisp, but leave the inside as cold as a dead body. There’s no escaping the basic physics: you can’t transfer heat quickly through a watery medium. Even your high-tech microwave oven can’t do it. Their food will remain unevenly cooked.

  2. “The video, which at this juncture is accompanied by a heavy metal soundtrack […]”

    Surely even those with no science background would twig at this point that there’s something silly going on? Well, that, and the fact that it’s presented as a mother/daughter team *yet the daughter is completely surprised by the shrimp-gun going off*.

    Still, guess we all took the clickbait…

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Arthur C. Clarke of course wrote that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Unfortunately, for the average journalist “sufficiently advanced” would seem to include pretty much anything invented since about 1750.

  4. This is hysterical. I was shown that exact advertisement Saturday night by a 12 year old Vietnamese-American kid who speaks Japanese. He pulled out his iPhone and asked me to guess what the video was about.

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