I suppose the Telegraph is telling the truth here

A Ukip spokesman could be contacted for comment.

As to the
meat of the allegation I’ve no idea at all but perhaps Mr. Bird might find himself more at home in the Lib Dems?

4 thoughts on “I suppose the Telegraph is telling the truth here”

  1. There’ll be knocking copy about Ukip – some of it true, much of it not – in one paper or another every day between now and the election. None of it will make a jot of difference come May 7. Mr Farage’s rebel army believes that the mainstream media is part of the problem, not part of the solution, and so is already massively discounting what it reads. You could say just about anything and it will be brushed aside. As Tim knows, I am not a Farage admirer, but it is remarkable state of affairs brought about largely by his finding a different way of doing politics. I suppose we’ll all just have to wait for the explosion. Fascinating and horrifying.

  2. if Natasha was actually the selected prospective candidate it would be interesting to know why she pulled out of standing. I guess Natasha will say in due course. Very few facts yet but was hamilton selected rather than parachuted in?

  3. Could be true.

    Could be a ZaNu 5th columnist. Defect and then declare it was all a horrible mistake cos’ they’re all pervs, gropers, homophobes what have you.

    Don’t know her background (search engines is full of allegations crap) but if she was well in with ZaNu she is more likely middle class Marxist than working class. Or even a potential BluLab agent. Transfer to Camorguerons gang by way of a smear operation on UKIP.

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