Important front page news from The Guardian

The northern hemisphere is preparing itself for more wintry weather conditions and the southern is getting ready for warm summer months ahead

My word, eh?

18 thoughts on “Important front page news from The Guardian”

  1. Surely between them the scientists can work out why this is happening and the politicians can find the money to stop it?

    I vote they all undertake a fact finding mission to Bali, and then another to Gstaad, to see the problem first hand.

  2. Thanks to efficient markets there are no competent journalists left. They are all queueing up at food banks and being interviewed by £40/article freelanders, and interns who are paying ‘t mill owner for ‘t privilege to come to work.

  3. I remember the days when everyone was hysterically running around and crying that we’d never see snow again. Anyone who disagreed was a filthy denier who should be prosecuted, beaten and spat at.

    About 8 years ago, I reckon.

  4. It seems a bit much to poke fun at the Tox Dadger about a rare topic on which it is right. Though I suppose there is the scarcity value.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    You lot are all full of it. It gets dark here around 6 every evening all year round and February is the warmest month yet we’re in the Northern Hemisphere. You and your ‘seasons’. I don’t believe a word of it.

  6. They’re just Beta testing the headline they’ll use when a mile of ice rolls over Canada, the northern US & UK, and the Nordics. They’ll add the strap line, No Water in Channel, Continent Cut Off.

  7. Page 2 Special Investigative report: Defecation habits of Ursidaes – Shock finding shows it happens among large groups of trees!

  8. Of course this is news if your whole MO is that the world is getting warmer all the time and we’ll never see snow again etc etc.

    So for Guardian readers, it probably does come as a shock.

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