Important public announcement

There are only 358 shopping days to Christmas

13 thoughts on “Important public announcement”

  1. Bloke in Costa Rica

    359 if you count today. And 307 if you don’t count Sundays. Just a little bit of New Year’s Eve pendantry.

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Well, Tim’s in Portugal. Dunno if they still honour the Sabbath, but as a Catholic country they no doubt used to. Having said that, this place is nominally Catholic and the mini-supermarket was open on the 25th when I popped out for some last-minute bits and pieces I’d forgotten.

  3. Well, Easter Sunday is the only day that all the big shops will be shut, so is that 357.

    That said, many people seem to have their Christmas lights up already!

  4. bloke (not) in spain

    And as it’s getting near that time, a profound thanks to our host for a year’s entertainment, education, amusement & a good place to hang when there’s work needs doing elsewhere.

  5. Perfect time to do Christmas shopping for decorations and cards this.
    All the shops are shifting their unwanted stock really cheap, you can save a lot of money buying it now and just shove it in a box in the loft/shed/outbuilding til next year.
    Also, since it’s close to that time, Happy New Year everyone.

  6. Well beyond me I’m afraid. Don’t have the physics or the maths to be able to judge it. They do say “we’re not at the neoclassical equilibrium” though as if that’s a surprise. Which it ain’t. We’re never at equilibrium, that’s a state we tend to rather than reach. so, without actually understanding it I would suggest that it has the usual econophysics problem, they’ve not understood the economics they are trying to critique.

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