Maggie Hodge is lucky about Parliamentary privilege, isn’t she?

Shire’s Luxembourg operation has just two full time employees, earning a combined €135,000 (£107,000).

Ms Hodge said it was “stretching our credulity to suggest these two employees are seriously the guys taking the decisions on loans worth more than $10bn”.

“If the decisions aren’t taken in Luxembourg it isn’t just avoidance, it’s fraud,” she said.

Accusation of
criminal activity…..but said in Parliament. Thus not libel…..

13 thoughts on “Maggie Hodge is lucky about Parliamentary privilege, isn’t she?”

  1. Not only is it comical hypocrisy (Dodge is always staying “We paid the legally due amounts of tax” … like that doesn’t apply to all her targets, somehow, magically) but it’s pathetic ignorance.

    We get unbelievable drivel “having a makes it a UK company” and people who apparently don’t know what the Single European Market means.

    I cannot believe they are that stupid; thus they are liars.

  2. “taking the decisions on loans worth more than $10bn”

    If this is making loans, won’t it be a group finance company, with a small number of large, long-term loans?

    In which case it won’t need many decisions, so they’ll be made by the directors rather than the employees. The employees will just be administrators.

  3. ‘Margaret Hodge, the chairman of the Commons Public Accounts Committee, said … “very hard for me to understand” ‘

    I’m going to stop the quote there, because I think it sums Mrs Hodge up nicely.

  4. ‘A (Stemcor) spokesman said: “Last year we made £65m pre-tax global profit on £6.3billion global turnover. However, the profits were made outside the UK….’

    “In the UK, we incurred a loss in 2011 due to difficult trading conditions, which squeezed margins and reduced our tax payments compared to prior years. As required by tax rules, Stemcor pays tax where profits are made.”

  5. It is a testament to the professionalism and character of those brought before the PAC that nobody has snapped under her rather absurd interrogation.

    Its a marvel she is allowed to speak on a subject which is clearly “very hard for [her] to understand”.

  6. Why is the so-called Public Accounts Committee even doing this stuff? Shouldn’t they concentrate on — just an idea — the public accounts? Where we know for a fact there is fraud, because a handful of MPs have been prosecuted for it.

  7. I am sick to fucking death of Maggie the Mouth.

    If she doesn’t like the tax laws, why did she vote to approve them?

    By her own admission therefore she is one or all of:

    1. Lazy
    2. Stupid
    3. Hypocritical
    4. Mad

    Which of these is a qualification for chairing the PAC?

  8. Here’s the thing though. Supposing Luxemberg taxed those profits at 5%. Or 15%. Or even 20%. It would no difference at all to the amount of tax paid in the UK.

    It’s a running assumption among the screeching left that any tax change they propose would work one way only and result in more tax being paid in the UK.

    But it’s never that simple. Tax Amazon Sarl on its sales in the UK? OK but expect every country in the world to tax UK companies who export and are currently paying UK tax on their profits.

    Remove non-dom tax status? Fine but don’t expect a UK resident Saudi billionaire who currently pays little tax anywhere to sit still and pay millions in the UK.

    Get on your high-horse and jack up corporation tax rates as you don’t want a ‘race to the bottom’. Sure and see how much inward investment we get and how many companies leave the UK.

    If there’s a hell, let’s hope Murphy and Hodge end up sharing a room.

  9. Andrew C – it’s really a “be careful what you wish for” situation, particularly as there’s rather more double-taxation of corporations than those enjoying shady schemes to limit their exposure.

    Reciprocity can be a bitch, as Ritchie might learn if the UK ever tried to impose citizenship-based taxation. Imagine all the other countries saying “Right, all our nationals & dual-nationals living in the UK are to pay taxes to us too then”.

  10. If there is a Labour government will Hodge still be PAC chair? Or will a Tory be elected who can call the CEO’s of the Guardian Media Group and Stemcor in front of the committee to explain their tax planning?

  11. Hodge isn’t an idiot. She knows exactly what she’s doing, but as with Murphy it’s politics, she has her congregation, and it doesn’t have to stand up to much scrutiny to gain their approval.

    She is no more interested in the views of people who visit this blog – however rational, however accurate – than Farage is interested in the views of screeching Guardian readers deploring his stance on breastfeeding in public. Both know their constituencies, and how to please them

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