Send the Mail an invoice


Charge the Mail a minimum of £1 a word. That’s their standard freelance rate for a featured piece.

17 thoughts on “Send the Mail an invoice”

  1. And I hope the cretinolanche encouraged by that vile little shitweasel ‘spindrift’ over at your comment section hasn’t harmed your employment.

  2. To be fair, Brand’s response is actually pretty good if you accept that he’s appealing to his own crowd (ie some made-up shit).

    I suspect that he didn’t write it himself though. Perhaps his mate Johann Hari “polished” it for him?

  3. S2
    Charge them £2-50 a word.
    Because you’re worth it. And the worst they can do is knock you back. After all, they didn’t need to publish your rant in full in the online edition, they could simply have provided a link.

  4. @S2

    The Mail newspapers have a bit of form for this. About 15 years ago I used to voraciously devour a brilliantly funny site about Millington’s arguments with his allegedly insane German girlfriend. I warn you now, don’t even look at this if you’re supposed to be working.

    tl;dr (it’s a big page) – he said/she said. Lots of humour about her illogical thought processes and subsequent verbal of physical aggression.

    Anyway, a newspaper asked to print it (for peanuts), were told “no”, went ahead and printed verbatim, then threatened him if he so much as thought about litigation. After a protracted fight he won.

    The complete saga can found here.

  5. @Julia

    I also remember CoppersBlog, which the Wail reprinted without even a hat tip. Of course, at that time he couldn’t break his cover and the Wail knew it. Tossers.

  6. Justin, you’re a bastard. Yes, I know you warned us, but you’re a bastard anyway. That is truly wonderful stuff.

  7. I’d not be surprised. My sister is an independent journalist, and sent an article to a British broadsheet asking if they were interested. “No” they replied, before publishing it anyway, verbatim, without accreditation. My sister approached the NUJ, of whom she is a member, but they said it was not something they could get involved in. But yet another protest against Israel? Why yes, of course! She could have sued, but it would have cost her a fortune. So she learned not to send articles to newspapers again.

  8. What’s the upper limit for the small claims court these days?

    Personally, I’d set the invoice value to round and about that.

  9. @Vir Cantium

    Re Coppersblog and the Mail, I’m pretty sure they did hat tip him and that he then got a book deal out of it (called Wasting Police Time I think) which sold very well.

    So probably not too many hard feelings.

    But I take your point!

  10. In fact, having just googled and enjoyed them, I find that the Mail both serialised his book and co-operated in his ‘outing’, so very definitely no ill feelings.

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