Surprised the Mail hasn’t minted a medal here

Sue and Noel Radford, who have 16 children and another on the way, need a 10kg turkey, 7kg of potatoes and sprouts, 50 Yorkshire puddings and litres of gravy to feed the 22 people expected today.

The couple run a successful baking company, receive no state benefits and live in a ten-bedroom converted Lancashire care home.

Well, on that state benefits thing: child benefit, free schooling, NHS, I’m sure there’s quite a bit of state spending there. But given the Mail’s normal concentration on benefit scroungers a little surprised that they’ve not minted a medal for them.

11 thoughts on “Surprised the Mail hasn’t minted a medal here”

  1. Bakeries are still pretty labour intensive. So at a guess their employers’ NI alone would make them net contributors.

    Happy Christmas everyone. The comments are the best thing about this blog. (And I do miss Arnauld.)

  2. The article says receive no state benefits. The Fail is not known for accuracy but it is quite possible they are not claiming any such benefits.

    Merry Xmas to all, even those –you know who you are Arnald-who don’t deserve one.

  3. “Mr Ecksmas

    The article says receive no state benefits. The Fail is not known for accuracy but it is quite possible they are not claiming any such benefits.”

    That’s one of the problems with the benefits system – claiming or not, they receive benefits, even if its just a tax break because they fall into a favored constituency (married, parents, homeowners, etc).

    This is one of the ways that the tax and benefits system is so poisonous.

  4. If it is a reasonably successful bakery, it is quite possible that their joint income is above the threshold at which they receive no child benefit …

  5. Tim Newman>

    You might be a monkey’s uncle, then. To me that looks like normal genetic variation from two parents. We expect the spread to be larger across a larger sample size.

    I’ve seen much bigger variations in families of obviously mixed parentage. One family’s parents are both a full mix of fair-skinned Irish, Indian, African, and Chinese. One kid got a full helping of the recessive Irish genes, from two fairly dark-skinned parents. Another turned out looking noticeably Chinese. Two got a large helping of dominant dark-skinned genes. The rest are more mixed. (Yes, that one’s also a large family.) There’s no doubt that they’re all children of the same parents, though.

    You roll the dice enough times, you get some unusual results.

  6. Somebody must produce future population and it is not all you erudites
    As for free education etc – this is a good state investment for future tax income.
    Not to mention that should a war or something similar come the population wont be quite so illiterate as in the start of WW1 and WW2.

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