The more I hear about this

The ex-wife of Scot Young, the bankrupt property tycoon who fell to his death, is seeking “a fresh pair of eyes” to search for the fortune she believes he kept from her during a bitter divorce battle.

The more I think he really did lose it.

Of course, I know absolutely nothing at all about this. But let’s say that I wouldn’t take on going looking for this money on a commission basis…..

8 thoughts on “The more I hear about this”

  1. I’m not sure that I’d want to be that pair of eyes if I thought murderous Russians might dog my every step. In fact, Mrs Young might need to be careful too.

    On the other hand, maybe Young was a deluded fantasist.

  2. Sunday run took me past the place where he fell, lots of spiked railings. Bloody horrible way to die & he would have known that when he went out of the window. Not going to choose that unless you’ve lost everything.

  3. “Or someone is “helping” you out.”

    Reminds me of the episode of Yes Minister when Hacker is on a death list and he is advised by the protection officer, “If you are pushed out a window onto spiked railings, try and land on your head. Quicker than way”

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