The wondrous glory that is @RichardJMurphy

To which a response:

To which Ritchie says:

@K_Niemietz Yes: it is an anti-democratic theory

— Richard Murphy (@RichardJMurphy) December 1, 2014

The thought that our rulers are grasping venal bastards motivated by much the same incentives of self-interest as the rest of us is anti-democratic?

Is there no beginning to the man’s logic?

Think it through for a moment. If Tory grasping venal bastards politicians were not motivated by self interest then they would not be selling the NHS off to their chums in return for backhanders then, would they? And Ritchie’s absolutely certain that the Tory grasping venal bastards politicians are selling off the NHS to their chums in return for backhanders. So therefore public choice must actually be true in whatever Ritchie has that passes for a mind.

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  1. The answer is obvious – the Left are by definition always moral and ethical, and any decision taken by them is de facto correct, whereas the Right are evil capitalist scum who wish to grind the faces of the proles into the dirt, and therefore all decisions taken by them are wrong, whatever they are.

  2. If Tory politicians are selling off the NHS to their chums (and I have no opinion regarding whether that is true), it must necessarily be the democratic will of the people that they do so. To suggest otherwise is anti-democratic.

  3. Tim, would you kindly re-phrase your point without double-negatives? After 5.00pm, my claret-addled brain struggles a little.

  4. yes, same applies to objections that economics in general employs models that assume self-interested profit maximization.

    generally decried as idiotic by the lazy left with one hand and then used to explain everything they don’t like with the other (hedge funds evicting tenants in Dalston, supermarkets or bankers doing just about anything)

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