Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

Much thanks to Jonathan Pearce for forwarding Zucman’s latest paper. Which really doesn’t show what Zucman thinks it shows.

2 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. Now, now Tim. Upsetting the applecart again. Pinkies won’t like you, you myth buster, you! Piketty et al are the new saviours. Nobody has read them but they show we are right (or left, if you see what I mean).

    Effectively, the American custom of trashing/raping/stealing/taking/charging repatriated profits has the logical effects. Cash stays out and remains your business’s.

    I imagine it is not a problem for many, but Apple does stand out a bit due to the eye-watering volume.

    Wonder what the opinion of Mr. Murphy is on that one?

  2. Actually, I am beginning to wonder about Mr. Zucman. He might end up being even more dangerous than Murphy. Like Murphy, he makes some pretty bold statements, that the press snaps up like a trout after a dragonfly. He previously made a statement to me on Twitter that 80% of the 7 trillion held offshore was evasion. Pretty serious allegation. When I asked him to substantiate either number he pointed to a paper on his website that had nothing to even begin to substantiate either number. When I pressed him further, unlike Mr. M, he didn’t say anything. Probably listened to his grandmother’s adage about “opening your mouth and removing any doubt”.

    He also has the LSE moniker, which does give him some instant credibility as an “academic”. Especially across the pond, where Murphy doesn’t generally have enough presence to hit the radar screen.

    Anybody else been Zucmaned?

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