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Polly tries to rewrite the history of service

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  1. The market certainly freed Pol to sit on her ample arse writing pro-socialist shite and causing drudgery for those who read it. It is lucky Tim is here to do so and save others the trouble.

  2. Much of civilisation seems to me to be about keeping young people out of trouble. It used to be service and drapers shops, now it’s education.

  3. Fun to watch Downton Abbey v2 showing life as was then with warts and worse from the POV of free-marketish capitalism as the saviour of the slaving class.

    Polly seems to take it as given that people uncritically accept the historicity of the series. She rather implies that we are all idiots. Maybe it’s the classic case of seeing reality through the lenses of one own’s personality?

    Most people probably enjoy it as a soap with lots of nice people and having the right mixture of happy endings and tear-jerkers – as enjoyable as Father Christmas and as real.

  4. It’s crap like this that shows the true nature of the champagne socialist fantasy.

    No, we don’t want that sort of drudgery, we want the sort of drudgery that I want, the good drudgery of everyone tilling their own veggie patch and bashing the clothes on the rocks in the garden pond.

    No sense of technology, democracy, social history, nothing but pure, unthinking fantasy, made up on the hoof, totally dependent on the whimsy du jour.

  5. Much of civilisation seems to me to be about keeping young people out of trouble. It used to be service and drapers shops, now it’s education.

    I’d rewrite that as:

    then it was education, now it’s…fuck knows

  6. I’m always struck that Polly and others who see conspiracy everywhere never seem to stop to ask themselves how these conspiracies will be brought about, what the transmission mechanisms will be.
    Polly thinks Julian Fellowes is softening us up to go back to domestic servitude. Let’s just for the sake of argument, say he is. He won’t get very far, because he will also need to spend an eternity persuading each of us individually, because that is how we REALLY act, to give up our washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, microwaves AND pay a whole load more for the pleasure of employing domestic skivvies instead.
    I once saw a local news article on property developers who wished to build shiny new glass apartments on the Mersey skyline here in Liverpool (they have since done so). A renta-gob from one of the local pollys (sorry, universities) came on to say, “Are they planning to take us back to the old city centre slums? Cos, if they are, the people of Liverpool will fight’em”.
    It never occurred to the fuckwit that property developers tend not to want to invest millions in property that nobody would ever conceivably buy.

  7. What’s wrong with domestic servitude? And why would it mean giving up the Miele?

    A two income professional couple are already supporting a neet or two through their taxes, yet have to load their own washing machine and push their own vacuum cleaner around. How is that fair?

  8. bloke (not) in spain

    Oh. Polly’s just an unmitigated cunt.
    She manage the hice ‘n grinds of Villa dela Toynbee on her tod, does she? So she’s got bloody servants. Whether it’s that nice Senora whatsit from the village or the “little man” does the gardening they’re in domestic service.
    Woman needs roggering with a barbed wire wrapped dildo, fuck some sense into her.
    In a totally seasonal festive manner, of course

  9. When I helped my elder son move into his second flat I observed (i) it was far better than the one I lived in at his age and (ii) it was obviously designed for a married servant. Servants wre treated less well than their employers but far better than “the labouring classes” which is why so many p[eopl;e chose “service”

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