Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

They’re still calling for plain packaging even though we know it doesn’t work.

7 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    At some point it is just about them getting their rocks off by exercising power over the rest of us. Some bullies never grow out of it.

  2. It’s funny they should be pushing so hard for this policy when the same samply indicates the policy that WILL work.

  3. I don’t smoke, couldn’t care less, prefer people to have freedom to advertise etc, but if plain packs make no odds why not go for it? It would save a hell of a lot in print bills and presumably there would remain some way of differentiating brands?

  4. @Interested: Saving a hell of a lot in print bills is precisely why counterfeiters are punching the air about the idea.

    Meanwhile, other industries all over the globe see the theft of intellectual property as something of a threat. Hence why plain packaging has seen the biggest ever objection to the WTO in its history with a total of 35 countries opposed to it.

    Considering all that, there should be pretty darn overwhelming evidence in favour of the policy before a government goes for it, which there quite clearly isn’t.

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