Well, yes, this does explain Russell Brand

There is an alternative, however. It is possible that Brand’s agenda, persona, and recent activity has been part of a meticulously crafted satirical commentary on personality cults, narcissism, the vacuity of politics, the ease of manipulating angry masses, the arbitrariness of ideology, hypocrisy, power, and everything that is degenerate about society, the media, celebrity, young people, and, especially, the radical left.

This theory would explain Brand’s shocking ignorance of history, political theory, economics, and current affairs. It would also account for his bizarre resurrection of Castro apologism, not to mention his flirtations with conspiracies. His cartoonish equation of the Age of Aquarius with progressive politics can be reinterpreted as a cutting remark about the vacuity of fashionable non-conformism and radicalism. And, his utilisation of attention, manufactured self-sacrifice, controversy, praise, and adulation for narcissistic supply, is actually making a mockery of everyone drawn into his media circus and wacky antics.

Deep satire. If only we could believe that his comic talent is that great.

10 thoughts on “Well, yes, this does explain Russell Brand”

  1. Don J,

    That’s the statistically likely explanation.

    This is the 1 in a million long shot.

    And in the abscence of him being a Sir Pterry character …

  2. I’m willing to believe it’s all satire. The question is, who’s the satirist who managed to turn a partially epilated orangutan into a work of comic art?

  3. I think he just does outrageous things to get people interested in him and therefore his work as a comedian. Being famous helps when you are a comedian and as he isn’t very funny then he needs to be really famous for other things to make up for it.
    This is why for example Eric Morcambe or Tony Hancock didn’t do this sort of thing – they were funny.

  4. Just tell him you loved his Ali G character and this new one as a petulant 6th form marxist with a Jesus complex is an even greater satire and he should be congratulated.

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  6. Occam’s razor suggests we should prefer to accept that Brand is an ignorant, weapons-grade tosser rather than the theory presented above. This simple assumption also explains “Brand’s shocking ignorance of history, political theory, economics, and current affairs.”

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