Where’s Guy Fawkes when you need him?

In this session of the People’s Parliament at Westminster a variety of speakers including Professor Prem Sikka, Richard Murphy, TJN’s John Christensen, Richard Brooks and Robert Palmer will discuss the overbearing presence of the City in Britain’s political sphere and suggest measures that can be taken to make the City more democratically accountable.

John McDonnell MP will be chairing.

**Entrance is FREE, but please allow at least 15 minutes to come through Parliament security. The nearest entrance is via St.StephensGate.**

10 thoughts on “Where’s Guy Fawkes when you need him?”

  1. Tim should define his terms. Perhaps I can help.

    “Democratically”: near meaningless adjective attached to almost every proposal put by lefties.

    “Accountable”: near meaningless adjective attached to almost every proposal put by lefties.

  2. “Variety” in this case doesn’t seem to be a particularly appropriate choice of words. How about “several speakers will stand up in succession and agree with one another.”

  3. The People’s Republic of China
    The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
    Central People’s Consultative Committee
    The People’s Liberation Army
    People’s Republic of Poland

    ….and now the People’s Parliament.

    They really don’t see the link, do they?

  4. It’s a good job Richard Murphy doesn’t read this blog, as he might report you to the authorities for incitement to terrorism (cf Stuart Peters, Manx Radio).
    Oh, hello Richard! Didn’t see you there.

  5. Well, MPs could have carried on with their proposal to make such as John McDonnell MP more “democratically accountable”, but they decided against that.

    Not a good idea, really, if your mission is to make everyone “democratically accountable”.

    Oh, I forgot. Unless you’re a politician.

  6. They love whistleblowers too–unless its they on whom the whistle is blown .

    “Never send to know for whom the whistle blows etc….”

  7. I’ve always wanted a tour of Parliament. Time to pretend I’m a raving Leftie and join the queue. Up the workers!

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