Do you know how much alcohol you are drinking?

As much as I enjoy drinking.

Next question?

17 thoughts on “Yes”

  1. Perfect answer, Tim and in line with mine (that’s why it’s perfect, of course).

    So, if I have got this right: somebody or a group of somebodies (or maybe nobodies) are going to organise me and manipulate me (by taking even more of my money) so that I no longer decide when and how much I am going to drink basing their decision on faux science and dodgy statistics and prudish, paternalistic prejudice.

    ‘Cojonudo’ as they say round here. This will have no effect on out-of-control alkies (nut then it is not designed to, is it? I am, of course an under-control enjoyer of quality wine and the occasional beer. I also enjoy sport, sex and travel, being with friends and that keeps me in shape. I am over 18 (by a bloody long way, unfortunately).

    Have these people nothing serious to contribute to the world?

    And this in the Telegraph which is now no more than a poorly (no, ugly) designed copy of the Guardian and with almost no journalists on board.

    Rant over. Back to work. Somebody has to create value so that the politicians can tax it.

  2. The official government advice on drinking uses figures plucked out of thin air, as one of the pluckers has since confessed.

  3. Bow to the inevitable, in that Europe’s general opinion of us one thousand years ago was: ‘The English are a recognisable group who are rich, open-handed, convivial and rather vulgar – drinkers, gluttons and profligate wasters of all temporal goods.’

  4. Plenty. Unlike much of Asia, Japan has a drinking culture, and wine and spirits are relatively cheap.

    This afternoon I chanced upon a family tree prepared by my father. The earliest entry is John BiJ, Vintner, died Nutfield Surrey 1439. I come from a long line of livers.

  5. My wife always has the answer to hand when we drink together. After 34 years I’m surprised she still bothers, but she seems to labour under the delusion that one day I’ll say: “you know, I really should cut down on my drinking.”

  6. I thought it was quite funny.

    “The middle class professional is coming home of an evening and pouring themselves a glass of wine with dinner, and then possibly another after that”

    “glasses are getting bigger and it is actually quite serious. It sounds silly but it means you can suddenly be drinking two units instead of one.”

    “you also wouldn’t sit down and eat six doughnuts either – but you tend to pour yourself a large measure of wine not a small glass.”

  7. I find it extremely annoying that the Telegraph refuses to allow comments on articles it knows are egregious bullshit.

    I only needed space for two words…

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Why wouldn’t you sit down and eat six doughnuts, if six doughnuts were to hand and you had a yen to eat six doughnuts? And what possible business is it of this utter, utter cunt?

    As it happens, I did know how much I was drinking. It was a lot. In fact it was too much. So I stopped doing it.

  9. bloke (not) in spain

    “Why wouldn’t you sit down and eat six doughnuts?”

    Coz Sainsbury’s only do them in bags of 5
    So it’s 5 or 10

    Not bad, either. Raspberry jam. Best nuked for 10 secs. Almost makes shopping tolerable.

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