A company’s fair tax share is zero

These initiatives are only the start of the establishment of a fairer tax system in Europe, on the basis of which profits are taxed where value is created. At the same time, we will continue enforce our state aid rules where we believe that selective tax advantages distort fair competition. Our political pledge is simple: all companies have to contribute their fair share.

Companies don’t pay the economic burden of a tax. So to insist that they should pay some “fair amount” is logically absurd.

10 thoughts on “A company’s fair tax share is zero”

  1. They are going to eliminate unfair competition and race to the bottom. Luxembourg you have been warned the commisioners have you in their sights.

  2. That should be whiskey not whisky. The culturally insensitive writers need to spend a week on a diversity training course.

  3. Even if the entire incidence of CT were on the shareholders, which it isn’t, we could tax distributions instead.

  4. Good to see in the wake of the shootings in Paris these guys continue to prioritise their own salaries and power…..

  5. Not really my thing: but companies do have a legal identity and because of limited liability protect their owners from personal loss. A sole trader could end up selling his house not a chairman of a limited company.

  6. It’s sensible to have a tax system which doesn’t artificially favour one company over another – large companies over small, for example. Why wouldn’t we want that?

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    DBC Reed: quoi? We’re talking about corporation tax here. Do try to keep up, there’s a good fellow. If someone’s house is on the line due to their business making a loss, they won’t be liable for tax because, and stop me if I’m going too fast here, corporate taxes are assessed on profits.

  8. “tax justice” and “tax fairness” only *ever* mean “more tax” – the earnest campaigners (one of whom was proudly tweeting that he campaigns against tax avoidance, which is entirely legal, but complaining that he had no idea how to fill in his own tax return) cannot ever countenance the notion that taxes should be reduced, in any circumstance. Hence the LHTD’s insistence that the poor not be excluded from income tax because, er, er, “it makes them feel part of society” or some similar made-up-as-he-goes-along cobblers

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