Am I dim or just stupid?

Looking at the Telegraph today. It seems to be pretty much the same paper online that it was yesterday. Is this what they actually do? Or is there some other site for a Sunday that I don’t know about?

10 thoughts on “Am I dim or just stupid?”

  1. bloke (not) in spain

    Fascinating how the Paris articles have become a comment free zone. And how Telegraph readers have been hijacking comment sections under other topics to make their views known.
    Telegraph’s private property, of course. Their turf, their call. But it’s also turf they’re trying to sell. By ad exposure if not subscription.
    I’d presume it’s because they don’t want to pay for the resources to do the monitoring would be necessary to keep their legal noses clean. Free speech isn’t free, now, is it?

  2. I can’t think of a paper that has such a gulf between its writers and its readers at the moment. Not even the Graun at its most asinine.

  3. Bloke in Spain

    Might be the expense, but they are having to police other, innocent, topics because of the highjacking. (Much animated discussion on the hot topic of untimely snowdrops – since deleted). They must have anticpated this response, as it has happned before.
    The editor presumably knows what he is doing but surely it can’t be good business to be seen as a laughing stock by your own customers (O’leary excepted)

  4. Update.
    You may now offer a comment on the “Cadbury’s creme egg outrage.”
    Don’t all rush at once, you might trample an innocent creme egg.

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