An important point

Were [email protected] a Russian blog, we would have been shut down by now, if Chinese, we would never have been allowed to start. As British, we do not even register with anyone in authority.

The same almost certainly applies to this blog.

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  1. I dunno. Russian blogs are pretty free *provided* they’re not seen as an actual threat to the government. People are free to gob off as much as they want, but it is only the very few individuals who might pose something resembling a threat, or even mild discomfort, to Putin and his pals that get shut down and the owners chucked in jail on trumped-up charges.

    This isn’t good by any means, but people shouldn’t assume that blogs critical of the government get shut down routinely, because they don’t. I seem to remember being pretty critical of Putin’s oil and gas policy on my blog while I was still there, and despite a handful of Russian Walter Mittys telling me in the comments that they would use their “influence” to get me deported, I was allowed to continue unmolested. There are plenty of Russian blogs which are very critical of the government, they’re just not deemed a threat.

    Things might change of course, and probably will. I don’t know about China.

  2. What is a “Russian” blog, or a “Chinese” blog?

    Take this blog? What is it? Actually, as a 2 minute google search will tell you (or at least did last time I checked unless I read it incorrectly), it’s hosted out of California. Is it an American blog?

    In this day and age, you can host web sites pretty much anywhere you want.

    It’s what makes a lot of politicians’ guff on all of this so utterly meaningless.

  3. The blog being hosted in the US won’t help Tim if the Portuguese or Czech authorities decide to take an interest.

  4. But that’s the point isn’t it?

    A “Chinese” blog (following that process) hosted out of California wouldn’t get shut down by the Chinese government.

    MattyJ – Sure, fair point, but assuming full transparency, which isn’t always necessary.

  5. A Chinese blog hosted from California wouldn’t get shut down but were it reasonably popular enough to be noticed would likely be blocked and the author might get a visit from the authorities, to put it mildly.

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