And we’re not even doing any fracking

An earthquake measuring 3.8 on the Richter scale has struck in the East Midlands.

The UK’s second major quake in 48 hours struck in Rutland at around 10:25pm at a depth of around 10 kilometres, the US Geological Survey said.

17 thoughts on “And we’re not even doing any fracking”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    But they are doing fracking in the USA and this is Gaia’s way of warning us not to do it here.

  2. Bearing in mind the Richter is a base 10 log scale, 3.8 is a teeny wobble which may rattle a teacup, below 3 you’d miss it without a seismometer, it’s hardly a fucking earthquake as seen on television w piles of photogenic damage in the third world. I have been in Mexico City for a 6.5 ie 1000 x bigger than the most recent nonevent which did have me all shook up but not the buildings. Go to to see how much the earth moves each and every day for some much needed perspective.

  3. As Julia says, this is obviously a ‘pre-frack’ quake, the planetary equivalent of ‘second hand smoke’
    Beware, beware, if they even think of drilling, everything starts to wobble!

  4. Best get fracking then, to safely remove gas deposits that natural earthquakes might cause to migrate into aquifers.

  5. @LJH – a geologist described to me the terrifying power of the earthquake Cuadrilla seem to have caused – to simulate standing right over the event stand on solid ground, hold a 12 pound bowling ball out at arm’s length and drop it. That’s it.

  6. ‘But they are doing fracking in the USA and this is Gaia’s way of warning us not to do it here’

    Is that like when that UKIP fruitloop said the floods were God’s punishment for making ‘gay marriage’ legal? 😀

  7. No, no, fucking NO.

    The Richter Scale hasn’t been used in geophysics for the past fucking 40 years. Just because journalists can’t get it right doesn’t mean we all need to look like ignorant cunts too.

    “The moment magnitude scale (abbreviated as MMS; denoted as MW or M) is used by seismologists to measure the size of earthquakes in terms of the energy released”

  8. The floods were God’s punishment for allowing leftist eco-freaks to place “wetlands” over human beings.

    They are still at it–caught the tail end of some BBC crap with some eco-pondscum opining that–since money was tight–much better to let the sea take over farmland rather than “expensively” fight coastal erosion. The farm land had cows grazing on it in the background. All low-key and nice and BBC cozy but still on message “”Nature” over people every time.

  9. KJ

    That was the fruitloop that just 10 minutes before he made that comment had defected from the Tory party… 😉

    Ecks has it though!

  10. Had the same story in the States a month or so ago. Had 10 small quakes in the Dallas, Texas area — MUST be because of fracking. Two weeks later, had 8 small quakes in Connecticut — nearest fracking is over 800 miles away. Even the anti-frackers could not sell the second set as being a fracking event.

  11. Bloke in Costa Rica

    A 3.8 is about equivalent to an HGV passing you while you’re walking along the road. These days anything under a 5.2 or so usually doesn’t even wake me up. The largest I’ve experienced up close was a 6.2 about 30 km away, which did cause damage and deaths, but that’s about 4000× more energetic than the pipsqueak the DM is all agitated about.

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