Contibute to science here

So, dear readers of this blog. Please go here.

A thesis on how blogs interact with politics is under preparation. Your views are requested.

8 thoughts on “Contibute to science here”

  1. Thank you all for your comments and answers.

    It is true what you say, Jonathan. I refer to a left-right approach just as a statistical fact, but my research is really focused on the relationship between blog use and political participation. Political spectrum is secondary for me, but I agree that something like the Nolan chart could definitely offer a more detailed coverage on this.

    Kind regards,

  2. It’s good that Juan looks at comments to learn.
    I talk to my wife and sons and the brighter ones listen (the other gets told to listen by his mother) but none of them vote the way I do so he needs to check his assumptions about the effect of readers of blogs on third parties.

  3. Thank you for participating, Anonemouse and john77.

    john77, you hit the nail on the head. Voting is a complex decision and I am interested in studying how blog reading has an effect on extended political participation, which is closely related to voting decision as well.

    Kind regards from Spain,

  4. Juan – one of the questions (can’t remember which now) had Agree(1) Neutral (5) Agree (9).

    I just assumed it was like the rest with Disagree(1) on the left.

  5. You are right, PJH. That was a mistake which is corrected now. Thanks for your answer and for bringing the error up!

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