Some dairy farmers believe that they should be immune from global dairy price cuts – since more than 80% of the milk produced by UK farmers is used in this country.

It’s as if Ricardo never existed, eh? Traded goods will tend to one price accounting for transport costs?

4 thoughts on “Facepalm”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Should? Should be immune? Because they have a captive market, they are entitled to continue to screw the consumer?

  2. I don’t use a lot of milk however the bit I do use I prefer to pay only cheap price for.
    Was at a farmers market not so long ago, a farmer trying to push retail his farm produced milk. Must admit its the first time I’d come across someone claiming a dairy produced milk as a farmers own….
    Still he had customers buying it – people with money to spend.

    If every dairy farmer in the UK went out of business would we notice?

  3. “If every dairy farmer in the UK went out of business would we notice?”
    Yes, we would. The relevant question is not whether we’d notice but whether it matters. Farmers are subsidy junkies. If we can buy our food more cheaply on world markets, we should – providing we have the defence capabilities to defend the supply routes.

  4. There is a welfare issue. Dairy cattle are pushed to produce milk in ways that stress them appallingly. A local farmer here inherited a dairy herd and converted it to beef because it’s kinder to kill them. There should be a welfare baseline.

    But subsidies, yes, ridiculous. I could claim subsidy for the field I keep some sheep and chickens on. Don’t of course, on principle. Having my hobby subsidised would be as bad as, I don’t know, getting an arts grant.

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