Knobend political analysis

According to Politico, the Kochs, and their network of hyper-wealthy and comparably conservative donors,

Anybody who thinks the Koch’s are conservative is ignorant.

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  1. I know almost nothing about them, except what is screamed by idiots on-line.

    Are they classical liberals or something?

  2. Thanks Tim, Agammamon.

    I did some reading, and it seems they support many charitable projects, mainly medical & art foundations.

    Liberal billionaires doing good – no wonder the left hates them.

  3. So Much for Subtlety

    Actually the Kochs are grossly out spent by liberal funders. But facts? Who cares? The aim is to intimidate other right wing donors into silence.

    Thuggishness in short.

  4. They are Bogeymen. They live in the closet of Progressives, with the door slightly ajar, ready to leap out as people drift gently off to sleep after a hard day’s activism.

    Funny how Soros doesn’t get this sort of attention…

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Take a look at Tom Steyer. Now there’s a Grade A hypocritical corporatist shitbag who is absolutely coining it while bankrolling a whole raft of right-on bollocks that, no doubt as a happy accident, has the effect of shafting his competitors. If you think his opposition to the Keystone pipeline is altruistic then I’ve a mothballed solar energy plant to sell you.

  6. Changed word meanings are part of the problem here surely?

    In the US, “Liberal” and “Left” are synonyms, as are “Conservative” and “Right”.

    We’re not behind them.

    Nowadays, the following is perfectly sensible sentence both sides of the pond:

    “Those that wish to see a more liberal structure within the NHS will be fought tooth and nail by liberals, who wish things to remain as they are. Conservatives are hoping to change the status quo.”

  7. “Anybody who thinks the Koch’s are conservative is ignorant.”

    Anyone who thinks the plural of Koch is Koch’s needs a subeditor.

  8. So Much for Subtlety

    Jack C – “Changed word meanings are part of the problem here surely?”

    But every now and then the real world throws up a situation where it is hard to know. The BBC used to refer to those Communists who wished to over-throw Gorbachev and retain the Soviet system as “Conservatives”. And they have also referred to North Korea as a conservative state.

    In fairness, the Communists in Russia were conservative in the domestic sphere. And probably to the right on most social issues to “Dave” Cameron and the Tories. It is just that they were continuing to plan to over-throw the rest of the governments on the planet and send some significant proportion of the world’s population to the Gulag that makes them less than conservative internationally.

    People who fight to defend the NHS are conservative. At least on this one issue. They would prefer to preserve the institutions of the past and of course their own gravy train by and large.

  9. Well yes, quite.

    The US is slightly more confusing in this regard, as “liberal” is very much a synonym for “left” (perhaps because they don’t have a Liberal party).

    The liberals hate the right because they’re neo-liberals. Therefore, “market liberalisation” = “nationalising everything”, and Polly Toynbee should regard herself as a neo-nazi. (There may be a punchline there).

  10. The list abacab cites does not speak to the question of who spends the most – it’s a list of contributions to election and referendum campaigns. The Kochs spend vastly more on political advocacy.

  11. PaulB do you have a source for that that does not depend on the guesswork of a motivated researcher such as Brulle?

  12. Diogenes: well, I suppose only a motivated researcher would take the trouble to find out. But here‘s a New Yorker article – you wouldn’t want to read it all, there are some numbers starting around “After the 1980 election”. Biased no doubt, but the Kochs published a lengthy rebuttal which didn’t dispute the numbers.

  13. Well those lists never capture the full picture – Soros funnels gazillions through myriad front groups. But he’s on the side of the angels, apparently. Or maybe it’s his money funding the groups focalising their hate on the Kochs.

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