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We need to defend democracy from those who want to create two classes of MP, reduce the number of elected representatives we have, and gerrymander one party rule so that any legitimate means of political opposition are removed from people in the countries of the UK.

One party rule, bad, check.

But most of all we should say that any country – including each that right now makes up the UK – stands or falls on its ability to work together and that those who make it their job to divide those within a country – and those within it from those without it – whether socially, culturally or economically, are not fit to govern in the interests of all the people within that state, which is the task we expect of those put into political office, whoever elects them.

Only parties that support the Courageous State should anyone be allowed to vote for. Check.

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  1. The sheer hide: asking that Scottish MPS enjoy only the same rights over English affairs as English MPS enjoy over Scottish affairs is now gerrymandering.
    It’s funny that a man who claims not to be a Labour supporter and who enthusiastically endorses the break up of the Union should be so angry at something he sees as reducing Labour’s chances of governing and which he now complains could weaken the Union.
    Oh I forgot, he’s a fucking hypocrite.

  2. “…those who make it their job to divide those within a country – and those within it from those without it – whether socially, culturally or economically, are not fit to govern…”

    Well that knocks out most of the Left with their divisive politics based on stoking up envy, spite and bitterness.

  3. @VC my thoughts exactly. There are few more divisive people in the country that this fat cunt.

    That said, division is a good thing for reasons too obvious to state.

    But again, he knows that – he’s just a liar.

  4. “gerrymander” – like allocating more seats to areas that traditionally vote Labour so that Tony Blair got an overall majority of 62 with a smaller %age of the votes than David Cameron.
    Yes, that was an attempt to gerrymander one party rule – it only failed because Gordon Brown made such a mess of things that the combination of his creation of a “client class” dependent upon the state and Blair’s gerrymandering was inadequate to preserve New Labour’s control.

  5. Ritchie is free to surrender to conservatives. But the Left always means conservatives should surrender to them, so everyone can get along.

    “Give peace a chance.” Peace comes from victory. If peace is more important to you than freedom and prosperity, then, by all means, surrender.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset


    He’s quite happy with division, as long as it’s between those who want to tax the shit out of everyone and those who want to tax the crap out of them.

  7. He’s just following the EU’s lead of trying to marginalise eurosceptic parties.

    Anyway, how could trueing up the voting system be gerrymandering? Oh, wait, ungerrymandering the current system is gerrymandering if it does not benefit Labour.

  8. hmmm…so if we have a neoliberal consensus today that is ruining the country and that consensus needs to be challenged and changed, would that be dividing those in the country? So that would be bad, right?

  9. This from Ritchie’s reply to a comment on his piece.
    “And let’s remember Godwin’s socalled law is just a mechanism for suppressing appropriate debate”
    I don’t suppose my riposte will get past moderation, but we will see: “So, Murphy old mate, the Conservatives are Just Like the Nazis?”

  10. He’s not that bright john77. He’s deleted the lot.
    I don’t imagine the “Heil Thatcher!” I replaced it with will last for long either.

  11. Do you reckon he has some sort of hotkey set up to paste in “so-called” as well as “neo-liberal”? Perhaps he has installed the duckspeak interpreter which outputs his bullshit into perfect Newspeak.

  12. I have read through the comments and one thing that strikes me is just how idiotic the likes of Murphy, and his lickspittle comrades like Dickie and Horrocks (as well as a newcomer called Mark Crown) are. Time and again reasoned responses (from people who seem to have escaped the contributor ban) are treated with the fantasy that ‘we are faced with 1939- 1945 again’ as some kind of all encompassing ‘catch all’ counter-argument. I am hopeful that if the 2015 General Election goes the way it might appear, this kind of old-school nostlagia for the ration-book era might be consigned to the dustbin of history.

    5 days into 2015 and already Murphy is looking like an unmatched (nay, even unmatchable)contender for ‘Moron of the Year’ – and this before the non-satirical work ‘The Joy of Tax’ has even come off the presses! Nice one Ritchie!

  13. Ironman

    It depends whether the prize goes to the monkeys or the organ grinder in this instance.(would the likes of ‘Theremustbeanotherway’, Carol Wilcox, Ivan Horrocks, Howard Reed or Dickie exist without the TRUK blog as an echo chamber?)

    However, I wholeheartedly agree that Dickie is an utter moron – totally ignorant of history and angry at any attempts to correct his bizarre interpretations of it…..

  14. As part of his battle to stifle all dissent, he has removed the “like/dislike” facility from his comments section. A good job really, as my index finger was struggling under the strain. Still, at least I got to give multiple dislikes to all the Get Well Soons and Christmas Wishes before it went.

  15. I can’t believe that you’re all dismissing Mark Crown as a contender.

    Yes he’s new, and the lad’s still finding his feet, but his combination of Total Sycophancy and Utter Self-Regard is going to be very hard for the rest to deal with.

    He’s also collapsed the site’s IQ rating which must be causing the Great One at least some pain; he’d probably block him if he could live without the adoration.

  16. Richard keeps insisting that he is, and I quote, “a serial entrepreneur”. Bless!

    Jack..?? No, don’t answer…

  17. Jack C

    As you say, Mark Crown is quite new and given time could certainly top them all, but when you have the likes of Dickie and Carol Wilcox, who are both (and let’s not beat around th bush) basically apologists for mass murder, that’s going to take some beating. I will grant you that based on what I have seen thus far there is a strong prospect that Crown will appear in future mentions of the commentators at TRUK….

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