Murray Worthy, of Action Aid, is an idiot

Murray Worthy, tax campaign manager for the charity ActionAid, said it was time for the tech giant to come clean on its finances and tax payments.

‘The announcement by Apple today of the biggest profits in history is only part of the story. Despite this news, corporate secrecy means we still don’t know whether they’re paying a fair share of tax,’ he told Channel 4 News.

How much tax they pay is in their sodding accounts you twat.

And we know that, on their outside the US profits, they pay pretty much nothing (2% or so) and inside the US they pay 28% or so, about right for a 35% tax rate and the standard deductions. They actually print a report with all of this in it four times a year.

15 thoughts on “Murray Worthy, of Action Aid, is an idiot”

  1. But it’s not about accuracy. It’s about painting a picture in the minds of the dim that Apple ‘doesn’t pay their fair share of tax’.

    That’s all it EVER is with these activists. They do it, because it works..!

  2. Action Aid, meant to be worried about which countries where exactly? Because if Murray Worthy gets Richard Murphy’s way the ‘tech giants’ will be paying a heck of a lot more tax in the U.S. and not very much at all Africa.

  3. So, a troughing shit from a fake charity has a snit about how much tax someone else is paying…..I’m supposed to care about this why exactly/
    A proper response would be “what’s it to you nosey parker, look after your own affairs”

  4. @Henry

    I know what you mean, but actually in this instance life seems to be absolutely fair. The law is the law, they are obeying it, move on.

  5. it’s the same with Apple as with Starbucks – they *do* pay tax at a suitable high rate of taxable profit, but they *don’t* pay tax where Ritchie thinks they should. What he’s actually campaigning for is the removal of money from the US tax authorities to the UK where his funders, Unite, will campaign for it to be used to employ more civil servants who will join Unite thus giving Unite more money to pay one R Murphy Esq. The vainglorious selfish little prick.

  6. I think the only ‘fair’ amount if tax on that profit of $18bn which will satisfy the ‘campaigners’ is, er, $18bn.

  7. You’ve got to laugh, the biggest profits in history, and no female directors on the board. What a bunch of cnuts. Or not.

  8. I presume that the highly paid and insightful journalist on channel 4 raised this point on behalf of the viewer?

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