My word, is it winter again?

Northern Scotland to be battered by two Atlantic storms

Doesn’t this happen every year?

10 thoughts on “My word, is it winter again?”

  1. bloke (not) in spain

    I was under the impression “weather bomb” was the correct expression for anything greater than fine drizzle or a gentle breeze.

  2. Yes it does happen every year, and every year the Telegraph is obliged to fill the same number column inches. Atlantic storms are the print equivalent of television repeats. It’s not really Troon’s stormy sea you are looking at, rather Ben Hur and his white horses.

  3. That 0.01 degree temperature rise is wreaking havoc again. Collectivise everything! It’s our only hope! Oh, and more taxes.

  4. “Weather bomb” is soooo last week. This week is “250mph jet stream”.

    FWIW its worth, my brother, Torygraph buyer for the past 40 years, has just switched to the Times. Dunno whether the Times is an improvement or not. Whatever, they’ve fucked-up mightily to get someone as set as him to switch.

  5. I bought the Torygraph during the expenses scandal and thought it good value; I haunted its blogosphere when they encouraged debate and downright contrarianism; now it reprints human interest stories a day after the Mail and opinion pieces(when I bother to delete their cookies) of bland obsequiousness to the ruling classes. Does it serve any purpose other than as a monument to the failing art of journalism?

  6. Its all part of the Green Blob campaign to get all weather events that are slightly out of the normal (but well within the parameters of what has occurred in the UK within living memory, let alone the longer record) described as ‘extreme’ and ‘unprecedented’. This slowly seeps into the public consciousness: ‘We’re seem to be having a lot of weird weather at the moment, that storm I read about in Wales, and all those floods on the telly in Somerset’ etc etc, and thus allows the pols to make statements along the lines of ‘We must continue with our renewables policy, we are seeing the effect of climate change here in the UK with the extreme weather events we are experiencing in the last few years, we must do everything required prevent it getting worse’ without getting laughed at.

    It is a complete inversion of reality to suit political ends.It is primarily driven by the BBC/Met Office axis, with their well know Green Blob bias to the fore, with the baton taken up enthusiastically by the press and other media outlets, because dramatic pictures and tales of death and destruction make good copy.

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