Mothers invited to a Scottish Government-backed breastfeeding conference were left angry and bemused after being told that they would not be allowed to breastfeed their babies.

Organisers for the event, titled “Shifting the Curve – Sharing the Challenge Breastfeeding Summit”, said it was “open to everyone who works with children and families” and aimed to “remove some of the barriers” about breastfeeding.

Yet when mothers asked if they could breastfeed their babies at next month’s conference at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium, they were told by officials that this would not be “appropriate”.



14 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. Women must cover up their shame and stop proudly showing off the fruits of their having vile sex with disgusting men. Just as with page 3, breastfeeding is about women (mostly of the shrivelled, sourfaced, man-hating variety) controlling other women. Of the, evidentially, not man-hating variety.

    Which is also why I am not convinced it’s all feminist matrons of the anti-sex league stopping younger competitors displaying their assets (with or without suckling attached). The matrons don’t want the attention of men, they want all women to be spared the attention of men.

  2. ‘The event was initially organised for health professionals and service providers.’ I suspect it’s more a case of don’t bring you babies to work. We have a tight schedule and would rather the proceedings weren’t repeatedly interrupted by screaming infants.

  3. When our latest bundle of joy arrived the NHS despatched a crusty-looking “Breastfeeding Consultant” to tell me and the missus about the wonders of boob milk.

    So far so good.

    But then she insisted that what our tiny, screaming lad also needed was for me to take my shirt off and hold his squalling, naked little body against my manly chest.

    Something about skin to skin contact.

    I listened politely to her pitch and then said “No. I’m not getting naked with my son.”

    She was not a happy hippy.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    My mother was a Health Visitor, back in the 60’s when there really were pockets of genuine squalor and some new mothers needed a bit of advice. She now casts a very jaundiced eye on the profusion of nannying fuckwittery that passes for public health management these days.

  5. Breastfeeding is so last year…

    I thought it was quite a good article. By Gauardian standards.

    While most of the fire is directed abroad, it has implications here. I’ve overheard women chatting, saying they can’t wait for the change, and to be less moody.

    We have an opportunity to do a longitudinal study, The pill, the coil, or nothing at all,,, and see how the kids turn out.

    Whether hormone variations are a feature or a bug would be interesting, and compared to some chemical trials, quite cheap.

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  7. It sounds like these mothers should form a group that will actually care about their issue, because the government sure doesn’t.

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