So, bit of a bleg here

Anyone got a spare copy of:

1) Parkinson’s Law, C Northcote Parkinson

2) Up the Organisation, Robert Townsend?

They used to infest the second hand bookshops but last trip back couldn’t find any at all. Yes, yes, obviously, Amazon, but just wondering whether anyone’s got an old paperback of either/both, mouldering away on a bookshelf.

Mate out here in Czech is a management consultant and looking for a new trick to lecture about. Wants me to try and nail those two together with The Peter Principle (which I do have a copy of).


14 thoughts on “So, bit of a bleg here”

  1. I’ve got a long treasured copy of Parkinson’s Law, but will happily scan it for you if you can’t get one.

  2. management consultant looking for a new trick. You what?

    Coming next: Committee Man has not heard of Buggin’s Turn.

  3. So Much for Subtlety

    Parkinson’s Law may be out of copyright. It is available on in what looks like a generic publisher.

    Up the Organisation, Robert Townsend is available on Amazon as well.

    You can get both in Kindle form. PL is about 4 quid. UtO is about 10. I would pay that to avoid an illegal download – and it is competitive with postage I would guess.

  4. The Laughing Cavalier

    When working in Prague and Bratislava in the early ’90s I was advised that the best ‘management’ book for understanding the Czech and Slovaks was “The Good Soldier Švejk”.

  5. I think your retard management consultant friend should go back to the start, Tim. A bit of cleaning bedpans or photocopying so he can learn and name check Porter, Sun Tsu, etc. Also this would give him time to realise that some projects, such as business process reengineering, benchmarking, value chain analysis and shareholder value have entirely different meanings depending on the level of hierarchy of the bloke who commissioned you.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I have the little blue hardback with the Osbert Lancaster illustrations. Not parting with it, though, nosirree. It’s truly evergreen. The chapter on Cabinets is gold. Now you couldn’t fit the British Cabinet on both decks of a double-decker bus it’s more apposite than ever.

  7. He would do better to read some of John Seddon’s books, the latest of which is” the Whitehall effect”. They are obtained from Triorchy Press or via Vanguard Consultants.

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