So the water’s not cold then?


Britons blew away their New Year hangovers by enjoying a dip in the seas and rivers as temperatures soared to near record levels yesterday, but forecasters warned chillier climes would return today with wintry rain in the north.
The Met Office said yesterday’s highest temperature of 15.1C was recorded at Murlough, County Down, with peak figures in England reaching 13.9C at Bude in Cornwall. They were close to the record set almost a century ago in 1916 when Bude in Cornwall saw 15.6C (60f).

Or they’re padding bikini tops these days.

14 thoughts on “So the water’s not cold then?”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    The wintry showers have certainly arrived in the sort of North (Glasgow). Hail, sleet and some very cold rain this morning.

  2. 15 years ago Whitley Bay was well known for the promiscuity of its young women. It was possible to pick up a (physically) attractive woman, get taken back to her place, do the business and then go straight back out a repeat the process with another woman.

    So I was told.

    Things may have changed since those days.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    @Mr Ecks,

    and maybe before those days. When I was there as a young soldier in mid 70s we couldn’t find any women, let alone attractive one’s looking for a bit of fun.

  4. Speaking of Glasgow… I was in Maccas at midnight (only thing open) and heard a loud and obnoxious Glaswegian voice wafting through the closed door. I turned around to see the loutish brute behind it, and damned if it wasn’t one of the loveliest blondes I’ve seen all week.

    So there you go, Glasgow does have stunning women. They’ve just emigrated to Western Australia.

  5. So there you go, Glasgow does have stunning women.

    Loads of them. However, most of them sound far too much like Rab C and, similar to Med beauties, there is always the reasonable suspicion that they are going to suddenly morph in to a version of Nicola Sturgeon in their mid-30s.

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