Sounds about right

The overwhelming majority of Britons believe in climate change but fewer than one in five is very worried about it, new research has revealed.

Both true and not very important.

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  1. “The overwhelming majority of Britons believe in climate change”.

    I should hope that they do. It’s pretty obvious that the climate has been changing for as long as there has been a climate. It’s like saying that the overwhelming majority of Britons believe in plate tectonics.

  2. As I thought; very few ‘deniers’ for the alarmists to shout at.
    I suspect most people have decided that either
    a) CC is a problem; however the government endlessly pontificates about it and trumpets how our wise leaders are spending billions of pounds on stopping it. Therefore we don’t need to worry about it; paying the bill should be enough.
    b) The climate changes, it always has, we may be contributing, but the effects and urgency and certainty is at least an order of magnitude less than the shrieking alarmists tell us. So, meh.

    Why we are expected to be in a state of permanent fear and guilt about it escapes me.

  3. @ Alex: “Why we are expected to be in a state of permanent fear and guilt about it escapes me”

    Have you understood nothing? we are supposed to be in a permanent state of fear and guilt about everything. Especially if you are a bloke, worse still “not of colour” (or however the fuck we are allowed to describe ourselves formerly “whites”), not gay transgender etc…

    And if you believe in freedom, individual responsibility, free markets then fear and guilt aren’t enough; you have to hand over your entire wealth to R Murphy and spend the rest of your life belting yourself in the balls with a claw hammer.

  4. Don’t worry, the Natural History Museum is working on this: Sir Michael added: “As the largest known animal to have ever lived on Earth, the story of the blue whale reminds us of the scale of our responsibility to the planet.

    “This makes it the perfect choice of specimen to welcome and capture the imagination of our visitors, as well as marking a major transformation of the Museum.

    “This is an important and necessary change. As guardians of one of the world’s greatest scientific resources, our purpose is to challenge the way people think about the natural world, and that goal has never been more urgent.”

    Sorry, kids, Dippy has to go, because we need to show you how you’re going to grow up to be bastards who’ll ruin the planet.

  5. meaningless statement. No one denies the ice ages. Its the causes that are the subject of all the vitriol, and about whicn most normal people don’t care.

  6. No one denies the ice ages
    Actually the warmist modellers do deny us being in an ice age. They model only 150 years of our 10,000 year interglacial and don’t model the coming slide back into glaciation.

  7. Inty> I insist on being called ‘human’ if any such designation is required. That way you can wind up the lefties as well as the righties.

  8. Well, I’m white British.

    So, a bit plodding with bat in hand, accurate but unexciting with a ball. And I can’t dance.

  9. Why do we have a “responsibility to the planet”?

    Because in 3 or 4 billion years the Sun will expand in to its red giant phase (the knockers on page 3 with be gargantuan) and the Earth will be destroyed.

    If it isn’t in a pristine condition for its pre-obliteration survey, the human race will be fined the costs of the “make right” work plus, of course, lawyers fees.

  10. So Much for Subtlety

    Both true and not very important.

    I wonder why TW doesn’t think that is important? I would have thought it was the most important thing of all.

    In a political sense it means nothing will be done except for some meaningless public grandstanding.

    In a social sense it is encouraging because it means that despite a massive State-led propaganda campaign, supported by all the Great and Good, and every major institution in the land, the British public cannot be forced to give up their common sense. Although, regrettably, too many believe in this moonshine nonsense.

    I would have thought there are all sorts of reasons for thinking this is very important indeed.

  11. You all; are missing the point. The government knows what is coming and so – naturally- has imported lots of deep pigmented folk
    – against the day when England is tropical.
    Beds in Siberia for the rest.

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