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  1. Tim

    The word’s ‘flogging a dead horse’ come to mind – the conference also took place some time in 2013 and from my vantage point the financial sector looks much the same as it did then. Looking at the organizations comprising the ‘transforming finance’ gathering I would be surprised if in the entire room there was one iota of finance knowledge. Their support for an FTT would seem to show this….

  2. In fairness to you I’ve just seen One of Ritchie’s latest posts so now understand why the article – won’t change the opinions of these ignorami one jot. What I would like to see is membership lists for the organizations in question – I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same names in all 11 lists……

  3. Meanwhile ‘Civil Society’ identifies another tax haven:

    ‘If the Big 4 persist in woking in tax havens they have to be excluded from all public contracts, in my view.’

    The residents of Surrey have been duly warned…..

  4. Funny thing is, he has a strange and ever-changing definition of what is a tax haven.

    I live somewhere he considers one. He should see my bloody December payslip then, on which can clearly be seen that my 13th month got absolutely bloody hammered.

  5. abacab (I was more partial to Duke myself but both great albums BTW)

    The TJN (with whom he had a memorable fallout) classifies the likes of Germany (ranked 8 in their list) and also singles out such famous havens of financial misdeeds as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Canada, Japan and South Korea – the key questions is where doesn’t he and the others of his ilk consider a tax haven? – these people are some of the most dangerous in the entire world, and their ignorance seems to be only matched by the overweaning ambition….

  6. I must confess I haven’t been on the TJN site in a while, and I know why – the reports in the index section contain a toxic mix of arrogance, overweaning sense of entitlement and self-righteousness – leading me to ask Richard j Murphy:

    ‘Who elected you and approves of your arrogation of the right to proclaim on this issue?’

    His response was to state openly that he spoke ‘on civil society’s behalf’ – just before I was dismissed as a troll. This is the kind of mindset we are dealing with…

  7. Rob

    Carol Wilcox, Mark Crown, Andrew Dickie, Ivan Horrocks and Howard Reed (The ‘Gang of Five’)……

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