Well, yes, this would explain Amanda

This would usually be the point where I state for the record that I believe very strongly that all women are human beings. Problem is, I’ve just conceived a sudden suspicion that one of them is actually a Vogon spy in a skin suit.

Anyway, Marcotte was bad enough,


Grant that everyone involved in this conversation has admitted they consider themselves below average attractiveness (except maybe Marcotte, whose daily tune-ups keep her skin-suit in excellent condition).

23 thoughts on “Well, yes, this would explain Amanda”

  1. Some people seem to enter into debate with this sort of feminists expecting to get through to them by pointing out the flaws in their arguments. It doesn’t work.

    It’s like asking a fundamentalist Christian who Cain’s wife was. They are the way they are because they’re adept at ignoring the syllogisms and creating casuistries to suit their positions.

  2. bloke (not) in spain

    What a lot of that there was.
    What a lot of angst.

    Seems the whole thing can be covered by a simple Venn diagram.
    Group 1) those who enjoyably put out.
    Group 2) the drop dead gorgeous it does wonders to the ego to be seen with.
    Group3) the generous with deep pockets
    (There is a fourth group. The deaf, dumb & blind nymphomaniac runs a pub. But she’s in a group over on her own. And reportedly Norfolk)
    Ideally choose from the intersection of all three groups.
    Less than ideally from an intersection of two.
    Settle for one. But if from group 2) run at least one from another group on the side.
    Search Norfolk.

    Think that about covers it.
    Any women not mentioned can be safely ignored as irrelevant. And possibly a feminist..

  3. Does seem to be a long winded way of saying that Laurie Penny is a narcissistic idiot, which frankly shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

  4. Tim screw these nerds and their self-referencing shite. Both this dude and penny aren’t that interesting and I along with your readership don’t care about their personal feelings.

    People like Dennis hopper and his personal life was interesting, whinny nerds self hate not at all.

  5. Its written with good intent but you get bored about a third of the way through when you realise the answer is straightforward.

    Amanda Marcotte and friends are narcissistic sociopaths, Everything is about them and making it “better ” for them. There is absolutely zero empathy for anyone else.

    Fuck em.

  6. So Much for Subtlety

    There is an easier explanation for Amanda.

    In the old days, people used to pay to go to Bedlam, point at the mentally ill and laugh. Now we let them out, give them columns in the major media. But we still laugh.

    Amana Marcotte, Laurie Penny, Germaine Greer – even Polly and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – can be best seen as a failure of Care in the Community. And a very good reason why votes for women were a bad idea.

  7. @Rob: “It certainly is hard to reason with people who don’t use reason.”

    It certainly is. What is harder to understand is why some men think that by pretending to agree with the idiocy which is 4G Feminism, that this will somehow get them laid, or at least accepted, by these sociopaths.

    I like sex too, but I wouldn’t want to have it with a hate-filled harridan. Maybe that is the only type available in US Higher Education, though I doubt it.

  8. “post links to really boring whiny shit. And long as well. Don’t bother.”

    A simple sentence at the top would have saved everyone the tedium of even starting to read it:

    “Trigger warning: mangina”.

  9. If you think that’s long, you clearly haven’t read his post on Moloch!

    That post probably isn’t a good introduction to Scott Alexander. If you haven’t been put off by the post Tim linked, I would suggest “If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing With Made-up Statistics” or his review of On The Road, both of which are considerably shorter. I’m not certain how to persuade you that it’s worth giving him a second look, but I will note that among younger libertarians he is widely considered to be one of the finest political writers currently active (see e.g. Ben Southwood’s description of Scott’s blogs as “probably the best on the internet”).

  10. @ Rob
    This guy “Scott Alexander” is depressed and sounds whiny because he feels hit by three extra things on top of what most of us suffer – he is postwar Jewish and is surrounded by the presumption of anti-semitism and, to a lesser extent, by the actuality of anti-semitism from those who resent Jews being rich because they are intelligent and work hard; he is what is now called a nerd (in my youth they were called “swots” and were mocked – I wasn’t a swot, I was just good at maths but I could feel some pity for them); and thirdly he feels/felt sexually inadequate/rejected and is victimised by feminists.
    Cut him some slack, for pity’s sake.

  11. bloke (not) in spain

    ” he is postwar Jewish and is surrounded by the presumption of anti-semitism etc etc etc”
    Nothing compared with the feelings of inadequacy & failure a weapons grade Jewish Mother can instill.

  12. @ b(n)is
    OK so four, of which is missed a major one because my best friend when I was young (from the age of six until I had to go south to get a job) was Jewish and his mother was nothing like that.

  13. He’s put up a defence of nerds based on Laurie et.al’s own definitions of oppression, leaving them to tie themselves further in knots to justify feminine exceptionism. All of it does lead into a massive Gordian knot of Moon logic. (a term of his I rather liked)

  14. bloke (not) in spain

    Obviously not a “weapons grade Jewish Mother”.
    Even the best production line has rejects.

    Or maybe you’re not privy to a long-running Jewish joke.

    As in: “Duvid. Duvid! (sucks teeth) You may have a beautiful talented wife, four wonderful children, a fine house, be CEO of a major corporation…but…what have you done with your life?”

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