What a way to learn how to write

Clemens became a staff writer for the Danzigers, making assembly-line B-movies and half-hour television episodes. They would move into a studio and inherit the sets of the previous production. Clemens would then be told to write a screenplay for a film of any genre that featured the leftover sets – a love story that involved a chariot race and a submarine, for example, or whatever was to hand.

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  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Bernie G. – “I guess we are now going to spend the morning debating which was the best, Kathy Gale, Emma Peel or Tara King.”

    I am sure there are worse ways to spend the morning. Although we should probably save it for our retirement. I would bet there are Old People’s Homes where they talk of nothing else.

    (Emma Peel of course)

  2. This is how Robert Rodriguez made his low budget ($9000) action film El Mariachi. He used the things that were available to him, including some sets and props from another film (Like Water for Chocolate).

    Carry on Cleo made use of sets built in London for Cleopatra that were then dropped when they decided to film in Italy.

  3. bloke (not) in spain

    Makes one wonder if this isn’t Richie’s gig.
    Knocking up a blog out of left over bits of agitprop.

  4. I think I see a lot of this in business as well:

    Here are some shit ideas, half-formed plans and abandoned projects that are lying around doing nothing. Can you recycle them into a new proposal?

  5. No, theme to The Avengers. And yes, Emma Peel. I didn’t see many of the Cathy Gale episodes, and Linda Thorson could never replace Diana Rigg!

  6. For some reason it was quite common in the 1940s and 1950s for pulp magazines in the US to commission the cover art before they had the writing for an issue of a magazine. Therefore it was quite common for writers to be shown the cover art, told “You have the cover”, and be required to write a story that was illustrated by the cover art. This led to lots of in jokes and sometimes covers illustrations that were designed by artists to be extremely strange as something of a challenge to the writers.

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