Who knew that koalas wear mittens?

Always thought it was kittens myself but hey ho, live and learn:

Australians have been urged to either donate or make mittens for koalas whose paws were burnt in the nation’s recent wildfires.

Vets and animal welfare groups say the koalas urgently need paw protection to ensure they can safely return to the environment.

One to add the mental image of Australians really. String vest, check, hat with corks, check, tinny of beer (with pile of empties) check, the men are worse, sitting on the beach eating Christmas dinner and….knitting mittens for koalas.

6 thoughts on “Who knew that koalas wear mittens?”

  1. BiF,

    Normally, but all the trees have burned down. So they can wear mittens while they are waiting for the trees to grow (or the Aussies to drink enough stubbies to make replacement aluminium tree substitutes.)

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