Yes, well done dear

Now we’re all sex objects – even male politicians

You’ve finally noted the important thing about human beings have you? You know, one of the few species that has sex when not actually fertile stuff? Rather drives the entire species along in fact?

2 thoughts on “Yes, well done dear”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    I might make an exception for Ed Miliband and anyone called Rhiannon. She is not even saying anything new. It has been apparent since the infamous Kennedy-Nixon debate that appearance is all important for male politicians. The taller man with the better head of hair usually wins.

    Big frickin’ deal.

    In the meantime,

    Men may be under growing scrutiny for their appearance, but they rarely face the backhanded compliment of being declared “Rubenesque”. Germaine Greer this week accused the Royal Academy of dumbing down after it staged a panel debate on body image as part of its Rubens exhibition. The Flemish master, she pointed out, had also depicted “luminous boys”. “Rubens isn’t someone giving advice on diet and body culture,” Greer said. That may be, but any effort to place the depiction of the female nude in the context of western art history should be applauded by feminists, not derided.

    How does the Royal Academy, which is supposed to be run by and for grown ups, get caught in a childish dispute between a creepy paedophile and a Fat-pride feminist?

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