And how does this prevent Germany invading France, again?

Britain has breached EU law and ‘violated human dignity’ by allowing the creation of three-parent babies, MEPs have claimed.

The European Commission has been asked to step in to prevent mitochondrial DNA transfer which will allow the genetic material of a ‘second mother’ to be used to repair faults.

Given that the EU exists to stop Germany invading France why does it need to regulate artificial conception?

Quite. Bugger off, we’ll create our next generation our way, thank you very much.

10 thoughts on “And how does this prevent Germany invading France, again?”

  1. It is somewhat ironic that after our parents and grandparents put all that effort in to prevent the development of a Master Race in Berlin, we are now ourselves following that path in London – in the name of Science, of course.

  2. Less than 1% of genes are supplied by the third parent. When you list the genetic abnormalities that this <1% saves, it's a bargain. (Or, in Timmy speak, a good return on investment.)

    And given that the EU couldn't agree on GM crops they haven't made any laws on GM to be broken.

  3. Dear Mr Worstall

    “Given that the EU exists to stop Germany invading France why does it need to regulate artificial conception?”

    Or indeed everything else it sticks its grubby little nose into.

    It seems to be a way for one bunch of crooks to gift another bunch of crooks shed loads of other people’s money.

    One might argue that that is better than war, but war will come when it is convenient for one or other of the bunches of crooks.


  4. There’s a law against “violating human dignity”? Seriously? How is human dignity defined in law and how can it be violated?

    Could this be the same EU clan which laughed at GW Bush for opposing stem cell research?

  5. Saving France from German invasion by handing control of the country to Germans in Brussels makes about as much sense to me as saving Poland from the Germans by giving it to Stalin.

  6. @ Edward M Grant
    That would be fair comment, except:
    Firstly, Germany does not control Brussels, which is why Frau Merkel continues to speak in polite or friendly terms to young Mr Cameron, whom she may well find irritanting. Herr Junckeris actually from Luxembourg.
    Secondly, the much-maligned Neville Chamberlain went to war to defend Poland: the much-admired Franklin D Roosevelt, who did not, bequeathed it to Stalin (Harry S Truman and Attlee merely signed the paper).

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