And Russell Brand really is stupid

The idea that this tremendous sum of TV money may find its way into fans’ pockets is beyond risible. It’s heretical. It’s against the doctrine of “market fundamentalism”. Fans are customers, and customers will be charged the maximum amount possible. The maximum: what an unpleasant sentiment.

Next up, Brand calls for Sainsbury’s to give people money for shopping there.

21 thoughts on “And Russell Brand really is stupid”

  1. Wow, that article really was a container load of stupid. Trying to link money in the game with fans behaviour, like the Inter City Firm didn’t exist in the 70s when players were driving Granadas rather than Bentleys.

  2. To be fair, Brand has done one good thing; he told people not to vote.
    And, if people who listen to him don’t vote, that must significantly raise the mean voter IQ.

  3. Right, then let’s minimise taxation. Minimise green subsidies, minimise the welfare state, minimise the effort we put in work and school, minimise our charitable giving, minimise the help we give to the man dying by the side of the road.

    Maximum, what an unpleasant sentiment

  4. Customers will be paid the maximum amount they are willing to pay. The last five words are really important.

    Brand thinks they aren’t, which says a lot about Brand.

  5. He’s one of the few people who can actually change this. If he cares that much, why doesn’t he buy a football club and run it as a charity?

  6. Brand, that one, _the_ Russell Brand, is complaining about people being rude?

    Of course, being rude to people just trying to do their job because you are an over-entitled socialist scumbag is fine. But being rude because you are a racist scumbag isn’t. Because.

    Just “because”.

  7. His book appears to be priced at around the maximum publishers think the market will stand. I look forward to his next “comedy” tour, when tickets will be a tenth of the price of other comics. (Of course, that won’t be his fault – it’s his publisher, or the promoter – poor little Wussell has no control, he’s just a cog in the machine. With a ten million quid bank balance that he didn’t ask for, doesn’t want and can’t even give away.)

  8. Interested – Russell instructs his agent to seek the minimum fee possible for appearing in films.

    But he keeps being given huge sums of cash.


  9. Matthew L,

    Most football clubs pretty much are charities. Very few make a profit, even in the premiership, and those that make a profit don’t make much. Manchester United is about the only club that makes serious money, and even then, their profit is only double Wayne Rooney’s salary.

  10. Football clubs are not charities – they are more like co-operatives designed for the football players benefit. (Not other workers like cleaners etc)

  11. he’s missed the end off “the maximum amount – until they decide to do something else with their money”

  12. Between Nov 2013 and May 2015 my friend worked in Saudi and so gave me (for a fee) his season ticket to Anfield. For that money I got to see Luis Suarez at his peak. I didn’t pay enough, he wasn’t paid nearly enough. You will all never know what it was like to be in a stadium when the muse was with that mad little genius. Russell Brand does though, he has been in thay stadium… and he clearly just doesn’t get it. Millions of football fans around the World do get it and they pay their money voluntarily to share the experience. No 40-something multi-millionaire has the right tell me how I may spend my money, how much of it I may spend or to whom I give it. Russell Brand can fuck off and write another booky wooky

  13. “their profit is only double Wayne Rooney’s salary”: good Christ ‘double Wayne Rooney’ must be a seriously fat footballer.

  14. “Right, then let’s minimise taxation.” Yes.
    “Minimise green subsidies”: more precisely, abolish them. “minimise the welfare state”: yes, if by ‘minimise’ you mean restrict it to the deserving poor, and the poor sods in ill-health, the madmen, and the cretins. The latter two categories in particular seem to me to get a raw deal.
    “minimise the effort we put in work and school”: I have no idea what you mean.
    “minimise our charitable giving”: we’ve moved ours from national charities, which seem to me to have largely become corrupt, to a local charity that hasn’t.

    “minimise the help we give to the man dying by the side of the road”: personally I’d help him. But the gallant efforts over the years of the Guardianistas means that I’d be wise not to lift a finger to help a woman or child dying at the side of the road. The Forces of Progress: don’cha love ’em?

  15. Football is a simplistic game watched by morons (and poseurs trying for some reason to pass as morons). Why are we surprised that Brand’s an idiot?

  16. @interested, well if you want to be rude. “Football is a simplistic game watched by morons” – you mean “simple” – duuhhhhhhhhhhh.

  17. Bloke in Costa Rica

    This is the same sort of venal, grasping syllogism that Murphy engages in: a) someone is making money b) it’s not me and my cronies c) that’s not fair.

  18. Football is a competitive game played with a round ball. Rugby, Gaelic football, Austin Rules etc are competitive games played with oval balls. If one wants to describe them all as simple and the participants and spectators as morons then OK, that’s one’s opinion. If one wishes to single out football, well, who’s the moron?

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