Another person Ritchie has fallen out with

Richard Murphy, an economist and accountant who runs Tax Research UK and studies tax avoidance by multi-nationals, says: ‘Dave Hartnett was at one time the taxman’s taxman — really tough on tax avoiders. I got to know him quite well, and dined with him at The Cinnamon Club. He could be charismatic and at the same time arrogant. He was very much the main man and the boss.

‘But he became far too cosy with the big accounting firms from 2008 onwards. He could see they were all making more money than him.

‘He became too friendly with the business community. It was inappropriate. He spent far too much time in The Cinnamon Club — that seemed to change his attitude to business. It was probably quite convenient for him when he had to retire from HMRC and could go into business for himself.’

And he’s describing himself as an economist these days, is he?

10 thoughts on “Another person Ritchie has fallen out with”

  1. Murphy dined with Hartnett at the hugely expensive lobbyist’s haunt, The Cinnamon Club? Who paid? How was it accounted for? We really should be told, in the interests of transparency of course.

  2. Hartnett was always a waste of space and the King of the Freebies.

    The most ribald HMRC boss-class freebie was some bastard who got to meet Jackie Chan.

  3. “He could be charismatic and at the same time arrogant.”

    So like Richie then, but with charisma.

    Man who dined at the “Cinnamon Club” criticises man for dining at the “Cinnamon Club”.

  4. Yes, Guy, what was he doing there with Harnett, and who paid? It’s a matter of public interest.

    So the champion of the poor eats at this place. I’m not sure I have ever been to a restaurant with those prices.

    I wonder where it fits in with his list of ‘needs’. It’s quite a different list when it comes to himself. Most expensive house in his postcode and all.

  5. Richard Murphy calls himself an economist; is not an economist..
    Richard Murphy calls himself a He, however, never worked with big business, apparently never offered any tax risk to his clients and had a quite unique client base who were completely uninterested in reducing their tax liabilities. He is not a tax expert.
    He doesn’t call himself a libellous little shit; he is though.

  6. Waiter: What will you have sir?
    Murphy: What do you recommend?
    Waiter: The lamb rogan josh is very nice sir.
    Murphy: Candidly, I think I know what you really mean. As I have long said, you are a neoliberal sophist and I doubt your tax affairs are in order. My own recipe for lamb rogan josh is far superior to your alleged chef’s. I’ll have chicken madras.
    Waiter: Yes sir.

    Chef: Who’s ordered the madras?
    Waiter: That fat gobby cunt with the specs. Give him plenty of chilli and then I’ll piss in it.

  7. “dined with him at The Cinnamon Club”

    Some are more equal than others eh, Richard?

    One doesn’t have dinner together, one dines at The Cinnamon Club.

  8. I’m now wondering if I’ve ever dined with a girl, who’s dined with a man, who’s dined with Richard Murphy.

  9. I’ve definitely dined (at least, drank) with a bloke who’s dined with a bloke …

    I knew lots of Aspire inmates once upon a time. I’m trying to recall whether any of the piteous wrecks had started out as female.

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