How much prominence will this get over in The G?

The City of London Police was aware of the practice in 2012, when the Office of Fair Trading was investigating the company. However, it did not consider opening a full criminal investigation until the compensation was agreed in June.

However, on Thursday, it said it would not proceed any further with the case, saying that most of the letters did in fact say somewhere that they are from Wonga.

“The main allegations were that Wonga had deceived its customers by sending letters falsely purporting to be debt recovery agencies,” a spokesman said.

“After a thorough review of all the material gathered the City of London Police has concluded this was not the case and that, overall, there were no grounds to progress a criminal investigation.”

3 thoughts on “How much prominence will this get over in The G?”

  1. Questions we can answer:
    ‘Buried in miniscule letters with no headline on page 38 between 2 large ads for govt. jobs.’

  2. Sending letters purporting to be from debt-collection agencies–which they didn’t anyway–is hardly leg-breaking.

    The trouble is that altho’ pathetic shite like the allegations against Wonga are–hardly worthy to call “propaganda”–frankly pathetic, there are still a large number of people about who have a mental and emotional age of two and will swallow the whole “fairness &equality” horseshit whole. Stupidity,mental laziness and sanctimonious bullshit are a potentially fatal combination for any society.

  3. We can’t have facts getting in the way of a good “evil neoliberal, capitalist, baby-eating bastards” rant, can we?

    If lefties weren’t allowed to stamp their little feet and sulk like the toddlers they so often resemble, what would they actually be able to do?

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