I look forward to Polly complaining about this

Migrants coming to the UK are putting pressure on its sewerage system, the party’s immigration spokesman has said.

Ukip immigration spokesman Steven Woolfe stressed the party was not anti-immigration or anti-immigrant.

But he argued that the number of incomers had put strain on infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and the sewerage system.

Because of course Polly has, more than once, said that the way to count the number of people in an area is to look at the strain on the sewage system, not the electoral roll or the census.

Goose n’ gander n’ all that.

12 thoughts on “I look forward to Polly complaining about this”

  1. Before we ask Polly’s opinion on Britain’s sewerage needs, is there any evidence he’s right? (I’ve no idea.)

  2. Why do UKIP have to stress that the party is not anti immigration? Surely that is them shooting themselves in the foot and gifting the argument to their opponents?

  3. TimN
    The Tuscan sewage system is under no strain at all. The only reason Polly needs an arsehole is to keep her pants up.

  4. tomsmith – Agreed. It’s poor framing. UKIP seems to be rather slow on the uptake when it comes to media matters. They sorely need a Malcolm Tucker.

    The vast majority of British people are against more immigration. This isn’t a toxic or shameful thing that UKIP needs to go on the defensive about.

  5. He’s almost bound to be right; net immigration is unexpectedly high, yet again.

    As for “Christian Soldiers in UKIP”, you’d have to read the article, they sound absolutely filthy.

  6. My understanding is that immigration is no longer that important to UKIP, newly branded as The Party of the NHS. They are still slightly hostile towards the EU, though.

  7. bloke (not) in spain

    It’d help if Polly, or the UKIP guy for that matter, knew about sewerage systems.
    There’s numerous things increase flow, apart from immigrants.
    Increased use of dishwashers. About 2 1/2 times hand washing water use.
    Proliferation of power showers & larger baths since the palatial bathroom became the interior design must-have.
    Articles in the Torygraph shuddering that unbelievable numbers of disgusting slatternly women are not showering at the very least every day. (See last week).
    Thanks to wide scale concreting over, a lot of rainfall is being put through the sewers rather than soaking into the ground.
    The rather obvious point, if we are – as we are constantly told – eating more, there will be an entirely predictable by-product. For if you are eating for two you will be …

    No immigrants were traduced in the course of this investigation.

  8. So Much for Subtlety

    Bloke in Germany – “SMFS will be along any moment to say it’s all that foreign food clogging up our Great British Drains.”

    Foreign *food*? You wish!

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