Not even Ritchie thinks this is right

Polly’s rather allowing the rhetoric to run away with her:

or the £100bn stolen from the Treasury in tax-dodging by the likes of Amazon, Starbucks and Google.

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  1. I love the way the Guardian seems to pride itself on offering lots of links to the facts stated in their opinion pieces, but when those links are followed they are inevitably either to another piece by the same author or at least the same paper or they don’t actually contain the fact that is being asserted. Eg there is no £100bn mentioned in the Guardian article to which Polly’s assertion is linked.

  2. Dongguan John

    I think it may have been Interested, SMFS or Mr Ecks *(or another prolific commentator here) that pointed out the strategy of ‘changing the narrative’ – basically an echo of Goebbels’ strategy of ‘The Big Lie’ is what is followed – they don’t need to bother themselves with anything as trivial as hard evidence. It’s about changing the narrative to establish ‘the fact’ that Google, Amazon and Starbucks are ‘tax evaders’ – regardless of the fact that countless blogs (not least here) have proven they have behaved within the law. Getting enough stupid people to vote for either the Greens or Labour is the tactic, and it might just work – Ritchie’s entire output is based on it…

  3. mildly amused by Ritchie’s endless self-puffery about won an award from the Sheila McKechnie Foundation. A quick google of the list of trustees gives us:

    a speaker at (and possible member of) the Society of Labour Lawyers
    the Chair of Hornsey and Wood Green Labour Party
    a Labour youth campaigner who’s debated with David Miliband at Party conference

    I bet there was an *astonishing* diversity of views at the ceremony itself

  4. So much bleating all around in the media about the Treasury being cheated out of money by Tax Avoiders.
    And so little protest about why the Government can get away with taking and squandering all those taxes that people and companies alike are unable to avoid.

  5. Libtards believe that all income belongs to the state, hence any income retained by the earner is a government expenditure. Amazon, et al, keeping their earnings is unauthorized government spending . . . i.e., theft from the Treasury.

  6. mike fowle

    “Gareth, None of them seem to have heard of Parkinson’s Second Law: Expenditure rises to meet income.”


    Gamecock’s Second Corollary of Parkinson’s Law: “The wife’s expenditures will rise to EXCEED the available income.”

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