Not marking paid copy as paid copy


The Guardian is facing further questions over a section of its website sponsored by the Go Ultra Low Group, a group of vehicle manufacturers promoting low-emission vehicles.

The section includes 11 articles devoted to the benefits of low-emission cars, including one entitled “miles of smiles” and another “driving into tomorrow, today”.

At no point do the sections or the article disclose that the content has been sponsored by the Go Ultra Low Group, a £2.5 million campaign supported by seven international car manufacturers.

The Telegraph website also carries content produced in association with Go Ultra Low. However, it carries a statement indicating the relationship between its own articles and the car campaign at the top of the page.

The omission represents an apparent contradiction of The Guardian’s own editorial guidelines on sponsored content.

3 thoughts on “Not marking paid copy as paid copy”

  1. Why does everyone think that newspapers carry news and that the opinions of their writers is something special. Newspapers are just a form of entertainment, full of gossip and tittle-tattle. The opinions of those who own papers and who write for them can be personally held or paid for or dreamt of in the bath or written down under torture.

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