Quite so

He once told the Commons: “A millionaire is no use to anybody, but a chap who can make a million is of immense value to the community.”

3 thoughts on “Quite so”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Actually people who make millions are useful but often annoying. People who have millions immensely valuable. Think of all the good they do in the community. They keep Rolls Royce dealers in business. They support fine wine and dining clubs. If they are civic minded, they give to all sorts of causes. In the old days they supported the odd artist – although these days I wish they wouldn’t. They maintain fine English houses and the countryside generally. They support a wide range of biodiversity especially if it can be shot.

    There is no downside to Old Money at all. Especially if I don’t have to live near them.

  2. They maintain fine English houses and the countryside generally

    That reminds me of an old boss of of mine (Hi Graham!).

    He used to say that his estate was about the same size as, and adjacent to, Lord Bracknell’s estate.

    The only real difference between them being that Lord Bracknell had many fewer houses on his.

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