Ritchie kills his own country by country reporting proposal

Now, of course I  accept that tax information has to remain private,
But that’s always been the central demand. That “civil society” should be able to see what tax is being paid where. So if the tax information is always to remain private then there’s no damn point to hte process at all, is there?
The whole original purpose of  country-by-country reporting was to provide stakeholders with the information that they need to appraise whether the companies in which they might invest, or in which they have an interest, are properly paying the tax that they owe in the right place at the right rate, and at the right time.
But if the tax information must remain private then that’s not possible, is it?
Seriously, how did this man get his own head so far up his own colon?

6 thoughts on “Ritchie kills his own country by country reporting proposal”

  1. By ‘private’ I am assuming he means “known entirely by every arm of the State but not directly searchable on Google”

    Or he could be being cute – saying OF COURSE this stuff is entirely private, then sending in the goons to harass individuals and businesses into revealing all their private information. Once they have done so, move onto the next victim.

  2. what’s he referring to – what kinds of tax information should be kept private (as opposed to what;’s publishing in company accounts)

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    I hate the term stakeholders, it used by the left to allow them to poke their noses where it isn’t wanted and they have no right to go.

    Luis, obviously what he means is that he and his mates will have access and the right to publish if they think fit, in the public interest, of course.

  4. @ BiND
    Wwhat he means is that Murphy’s tax data should be kept private but anything that he can misrepresnt about yours or mine should be published.

  5. The thing that bugs me throughout this whole tax mallarky is that the left seem to base all their arguments on the idea that paying tax is a good and noble thing. Really? giving loads of money to the shower of incompetent and self serving wastrels in our gov. Is a good thing to do? I suspect that opening a window and throwing out loads of tenners would do more actual good and a lot less harm than letting the gov. spend it.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    DannyL: I’ve said here and elsewhere that given the kind of things that Murphy and his ilk think are suitable uses for taxpayers’ money, that tax evasion (and not merely avoidance) is a moral act. The only way to kill the Beast is to starve it.

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